Today Is ‘Respect Your Cat Day’!

To: Buddy the Larger

From: Buddy the Smaller But Smarter and Better Looking

Memorandum on National Respect Your Cat Day

Dear Big Buddy,

As you know, Sunday (March 28) is National Respect Your Cat Day, a very important holiday!

Last year’s spread was subpar and underwhelming, so you find yourself in receipt of this message in an effort to avoid repeating the Great Tragedy of 2020.

This year’s spread should include a selection of cheeses including cheddar, swiss, provolone and my personal favorite, gouda, in addition to a delicious array of meats including turkey, turkey and more turkey.

You can skip the veggies: No plants except catnip and silver vine!

In the spirit of today’s holiday you must play with me more than usual, give me more massages, tell me I’m a good boy at least 20 times, and above all, respect my authoritah!

It’s gonna be an epic partay!

Buddy on catnip
Mmmmm, catnip!
Buddy on Catnip
Oh yeah! That’s good!
Buddy on catnip
“I think…I’m pretty sure I’m feeling it. Oh yeah! Break out the laser pointer and the snacks!”
Buddy the Cat, a true hero.

4 thoughts on “Today Is ‘Respect Your Cat Day’!”

    1. I figured I could get out of buying one if I told him its real function, since he’s terrified of vacuums lol. But seriously, after the experience with the Floppy Fish and some other stuff, it’s difficult to tell if he’ll like a “toy” or be scared of it. Maybe he can take one for a test drive…


  1. Oh no, I’ve already messed up “Respect Your Cat Day”! Holly wanted to shred the screen on the sliding glass door and I didn’t let her. Then I put her up in the bathroom with the door closed so I could get some fresh air without her ruining the screen. I’m gonna hear about this! 😮

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    1. I feel your pain, I have a sliding glass door with a screen as well and I’ve had to physically block access so Bud can’t scratch it because he loves to. But we shouldn’t feel bad because as good servants, we give them lots of places to scratch!


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