Humans Are Coming 4 Our Catnip & Temptations!!!

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Don't let the humans take our nip and our temps!

2 thoughts on “Humans Are Coming 4 Our Catnip & Temptations!!!”

  1. I take Famotidine aka Pepcid AC. A few months ago they said that people who take the anti-acid drug might have an advantage over Coronavirus. So I bought a few extra bottles thinking it would sell out (I really need to take it) My advice to Buddy is to stock up on Temptations before humans who need them less than he does buy them all. Then hide them and don’t share. Cats had ’em first. 🙂

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    1. It won’t take much arm-twisting to convince him of that. I’ve been buying the Blue Buffalo version of Temptations lately, and he doesn’t act like a crack addict with them, but he doesn’t seem to have figured out they’re not the same either. 🙂

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