Cat Gets Help For Man Who Fell Off Waterfall, UK Government Once Considered Cat Cull During Pandemic

Someone bring this cat inside, give him a magnificent meal and make him king of the house.

After a man fell 30 feet down a “seasonal waterfall” into a creek drainage in Pleasant Valley, Calif., about 50 miles east of Sacramento, an insistently meowing outdoor cat led the man’s wife and neighbor “right to where the man fell,” per CBS News.

The incident happened a few minutes after 9 p.m. on Feb. 21, according to the El Dorado County Fire Protection District, whose EMTs rescued the man. Authorities haven’t provided updates on his status, but as he was airlifted to a hospital, his injuries were likely serious.

The heroic feline is described as the family’s “outdoor cat.” He should be amply rewarded with a real home.

Cat saves man who fell down waterfall
A photo from the scene showing the airlift helicopter in the background. Credit: El Dorado Fire Protection District

Oh hell no!

A former UK health minister said the government mulled a plan to “exterminate all pet cats” early in the Coronavirus pandemic when the virus was new and poorly understood, the Guardian reported.

“What we shouldn’t forget is how little we understood about this disease. There was a moment we were very unclear about whether domestic pets could transmit the disease,” James Bethel told the UK’s Channel 4 news. “In fact, there was an idea at one moment that we might have to ask the public to exterminate all the cats in Britain. Can you imagine what would have happened if we had wanted to do that?”

Yeah, I can imagine a few million incredulous and angry people drawing their blinds, hiding their cats and figuring out ways to buy cat food and litter on the black market to avoid tipping off the authorities in the heavily CCTV-wired nation. If authorities tried to push the issue, things would have gotten ugly.

Here in the US we’d have another run on guns and Bud would run screaming underneath my bed, probably while demanding I slide his turkey and water bowl to him so he could lay low from “the feds.” Hey, he runs a catnip cartel. He’s used to it!

All jokes aside, I think we’ve forgotten that Chinese authorities were beating pets dead in the street and going house-to-house to put them down when the virus raged through the population there for the first time in late 2019. Animal welfare groups said thousands of pets were abandoned by their caretakers and either left to starve in empty homes or left to fend for themselves.

When the virus spread, ripping through countries like Italy, France, Belgium, Russia and taking hold in New York before spreading to the rest of the US, virologists still weren’t entirely certain whether cats — who are susceptible to an unrelated form of Coronavirus — could pass the infection to people. It’s not far-fetched to imagine that if the UK or other countries decided felines must be culled, US authorities may have followed.

The idea of a government demanding we kill our cats is disturbing on its own, never mind the prospect of it happening during a time when our pets were the few things helping us keep our sanity while we all huddled in isolation.

Thankfully reason prevailed and research ultimately proved that the chances of cats or dogs spreading COVID to humans is almost nonexistent.

19 thoughts on “Cat Gets Help For Man Who Fell Off Waterfall, UK Government Once Considered Cat Cull During Pandemic”

  1. I also remember that history shows during the Plague in London that cats were blamed and culled when it was rats who, of course, exploded in numbers without the cats to keep them down… that worked well, didn’t it?

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    1. And most recently the Australians who killed millions of cats and were rewarded with a “biblical” mouse plague in 2022 that caused billions in damage to crops, forcing schools, hospitals and prisons to evacuate, and destroying homes. One prison had to shut down because the mice literally ate the electrical wiring and overran the place.

      You’d think we’d learn.

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      1. I read the article. So they do not admit that it was because they killed these cats that they have these rodents?

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  2. Did anyone hear about hero cat in Turkey who went in and out of building that was in rubbles? Two children and woman was saved because someone paid attention.

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  3. Mee-yow Hansum AN a Hero!!!! well dum you Ginger Beeutee!!!! Wee saw this on Catnadian newss an were so proud of this man cat!
    Mee pass this over to BellaSita ’bout ‘cat cullin’…..
    **NOSE BOPSS** BellaDharma

    Hey Big Buddy & Buddy can you believe the IGNORANCE & sheer cruelty of the actions of people in the country that brought us Covid??? I can not say what I really feel because I do not want to offend you nor do I need some Fed or Police State coming down on me for speaking my mind.
    All I can say is the Originators of Covid-19 have ALOT to answer for & should be ashamed of themselves & sadly their citizens follow like sheep….
    I could not put BellaDharma down or abandon her on “A” chance she might be able to pass virus on…..this behaviour done to Cats there is UNFORGIVEABLE!!!!!
    ***seethess with anger*** BellaSita Mum

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    1. I got my vaccine and two boosters (though not the most recent one) and I don’t regret that, but now that we know the US government lied about partially financing gain of function research in Wuhan, and we know that the lab leak is the most plausible scenario by far, I certainly feel like health officials in particular have lost credibility.

      There was a virologist on Lex Fridman’s podcast who went into detail about gain of function research, the people involved in it and the role of Anthony Fauci in censoring discussion of it, and it’s really disturbing stuff. None of it’s in the realm of conspiracy theory: It’s all based on documents, internal emails, details in grants that were not disclosed to the public initially, and the efforts of a handful of powerful people in the science/health community to shut down discussion of a lab leak because they were worried it would harm the credibility of science.

      But as always, trying to cover it up makes it worse, and there is irrefutable evidence that a small group of people in Fauci’s orbit actively worked to squash and censor discussion of the lab leak hypothesis.

      Ultimately we are paying the price because we (meaning the world and its governments) did not pressure China to come clean about the virus’ origins, and without knowing precisely how it escaped from the lab and how it initially spread, we don’t know the things we need to know to make absolutely sure it doesn’t happen again.

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      1. Thank you for your reply!! I have been saying this all along up here in Catnanda & alot of people did not believe me….3 years in & seeing the truth & the Virus mutating over & over again, people ARE listening.
        At this point, I believe ZERO reports coming out of China. And I do not believe that China lost only 503,302 people while USA lost 105,393,864 people….that does NOT make sense to me.
        Even Catnada lost more than China: 4,591,149 people which REALLY makes me question everything about Covid & how it originated.
        And Covid continues to change… how DO we protect ourselves?
        Again thank you for a great post & discussion!

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