Cat On The Street: What’s Your Favorite Meal?

Cats come in many different sizes and coat colors, but there’s one thing they all have in common: A love of food. This week we asked nine kitties what their favorite fancy feast is.

12 thoughts on “Cat On The Street: What’s Your Favorite Meal?”

    1. I didn’t know of any turkey dish that fit the theme of comically pampered cat dining on meals typically associated with over the top foodies, but maybe I can put Bud in there — sitting on my clawed-to-shit computer chair instead of a throne — insisting nothing’s better than turkey pate.

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      1. There is a recipe by the famous French chef: la dinde aux marrons de Paul Bocuse ,sounds posh but is just Turkey with chestnuts, however it’s all in the sauce as he would say!

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  1. Unfortunately Puspus’s favorite meal at the moment ( please don’t judge me as he is an ex feral pussycat) is or are mice/rats heads. He graciously leaves me the rest on the front door step!

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    1. Gross!! If a mouse comes in my house? My cat will eat head and leave body some where. 🤮🤮🤮🤮. Good way to lose my appetite for the day. My semi- feral Bootsy will kill mice and rats but not eat them. He likes flipping mice in air and i yell LET IT GO!! And bury it.


      1. Oh sorry Gilda! I didn’t mean to upset you!
        I Know it’s absolutely revolting, this head eating thing is relatively new, before he would bring in live rodents and I usually catch them with a towel that I throw over them and then quickly leg it to the garden and let them go.
        I will have to have another serious talk with Puspus…….


  2. Yes, our fur children do have expensive tastes!! What they want and what they can have are two different things. My boy now has to be on special kidney diet, but once in awhile I sneak him his favorite—-fancy feast chicken with gravy. Yummy!!!

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