‘Damn You, Humans!’ Pizza-Obsessed Cat Foiled By Microwave Lock

I’m pretty sure Buddy regrets teaching me all about animal cognition and emotion, which led me to adopting a vegetarian diet in 2015.

He’s never gone on the kitchen counters (such a good boy!) and when he does express interest in the fridge, it’s more of a rote status check, a defeatest confirmation that there’s nothing of interest for him in there aside from cheese.

But Bentley has no such scruples. The feisty feline from Oregon got his greasy little paws on a pizza one night and loved it so much that he’s become obsessed with the microwave, which is where he found that fateful slice.

Bentley’s human, Britney Shizo, said she put the leftover pizza in the microwave, then forgot about it until she returned to the kitchen and found Bentley happily feasting.

“The microwave is wide open and the pizza is on the floor and it’s gone, pretty much,” Shizo said.

Footage of Bentley, which has since gone viral, shows him determinedly trying to open the microwave door, gripping the handle with both front paws and using all the strength in his little body to get to that sweet, delicious pizza.

But, alas, he’s foiled by a child safety lock, which he refuses to accept as he strains, pulls and pushes the microwave in the hilarious footage:

9 thoughts on “‘Damn You, Humans!’ Pizza-Obsessed Cat Foiled By Microwave Lock”

      1. Park Slope, Brooklyn. La Villa. Not good and overpriced. Was too tired to argue with my sister. Pinos is best place near me and not overpriced.

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      2. Have you ever been to Pizza 33 on 33rd and 3rd in Manhattan? It was the place my friends and I would go to at 3 am after the bars and it’s not just good drunk pizza, it’s really good. There used to be an incredible ice cream shop next door called La Salle, but they closed some years ago.


    1. That’s a terrifying thought. I must be vigilant and not leave my computer unattended without the password screen, lest The Lunatic learn from Bentley’s example and order himself a dozen turkey pizzas.


  1. I feel it in my bones, Bently will figure out how to open that child proof lock 🔐. I may not but Bently will & I’m here for it, video & all 🥂🤣🤣

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  2. No. Never been to Pizza 33. Don’ t get to travel much out of Brooklyn but when i go to Manhattan i will check it out. Love Manhattan and my friend said she will get tickets to a movie. Also, my mom made the best pizza from scratch.

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