Help ID This Woman Who Dumped A Cat In A Garbage Can

Authorities in a Texas town near Houston need help identifying a woman who tossed a cat, carrier and all, into a garbage can.

The woman parked her car in a nature preserve in Rosenberg, Texas, at about 11 am on Jan. 12, opened the backseat to retrieve a cat carrier and unceremoniously dumped it in a garbage can.

A bystander happened to witness — and film — the entire sequence of events, and after checking the trash it turned out there was a scared two-year-old cat inside the carrier. The bystander brought the cat to Rosenberg’s animal control department.

“If no one would have seen this happening, that cat would have been in that container in that trash can with no access to food, (or) water,” said Omar Polio, the town’s director of animal control. “Not acceptable.”

The cat is a beautiful, affectionate white and brown male the shelter has dubbed King Triton. He’s in their care for the time being. King Triton is healthy, Polio said, and it’s not clear why the woman would have dumped him instead of surrendering him to a shelter.

While shelters are crowded, “we can always find resources that can better suit these animals,” Polio said, imploring people not to abandon or toss animals away like trash.

Polio said his agency would like the public’s help identifying the woman. It’s not clear what kind of charges she might face. Anyone with information can call Rosenberg Animal Control and Shelter at 832-595-3490.

Video of the incident provides a clear look at the woman, but the resolution isn’t high enough to make out the license plate on her car.

Here’s a news segment of the incident with footage of the woman getting out of her car, dumping the cat, casually returning to her vehicle and driving off. She has dark hair that was in a ponytail at the time and was wearing shorts and sunglasses:

13 thoughts on “Help ID This Woman Who Dumped A Cat In A Garbage Can”

  1. Poor King Triton! No animal deserves to be thrown in the trash. I hope someone kind will adopt him, he’s adorable! As for the woman: she’s the piece of trash.

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  2. Human cruelty is unbelievable. There was a case here many, many years ago of a man who shot and killed his girlfriend’s horse to get back at her. The stories I heave heard of and read about over the years are many and equally sordid.

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    1. There have been a few studies about that sort of thing, examining the connection between abusive partners/spouses and animal abuse, with animals as the proxy for the victim. Cats are especially vulnerable because violence-prone abusers view them as “feminine” pets.

      I don’t remember the exact number, but of all women who seek help for domestic violence and have a cat, a staggering number of their cats were also hurt by the abuser. IIRC it was something like 80 percent or more. I remember mentioning it on the blog. I’ll try to dig it up.

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  3. There are no words…wait…yeah there ARE words….but I respect you both too much to say what we all are thinking!
    One comment I want to make : If this woman can dump a cat they way she did; what would she do with an unwanted newborn human baby?
    Need I say more?
    BellaSita Mum (Sherri-Ellen) & **hissess** BellaDharma

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      1. People who are desperate put carriers in front of vets offices or pet store. Wrong but at least it will not die in carrier. If you cannot afford to keep cat or for any reason then they can try to rehome or give up to trusted cat group. Two were given up because they no longer can afford cats and i cat sat for foster. Both cats were adopted together few weeks ago. This vile pos was just lazy.

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  4. How could anyone throw away that adorable boy?? She’s lucky I wan’t there to witness that because I probably would’ve sat on her until the cops came (along with some other things I won’t mention here)! Anyone that hurts an animal, I have no use for.

    The one GOOD thing out of this is the fact that this beautiful boy will find a loving home now. God only knows what his life had been like, having to live with someone who treated him like trash. He’s so gorgeous, I think he’ll find a new family really soon!

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  5. Unacceptable,
    but somewhat understandable, in some circumstances. Parts of the South are waaay behind the rest of the country re: animal welfare, so maybe she was afraid to send the cat to a crowded shelter where the odds were high that the cat would just be destroyed. And if the cat were in its carrier, it perhaps would be found, rather than just throwing the cat out, and having it fend on its own. However it would have made more sense to leave the cat in the carrier, and leave it at the door of Petco/PetSmart. Cats in those places are put there usually by cat-oriented rescue groups.

    Trying to rehome cats on one’s own can be very difficult, unless you have dozens of contacts who are cat lovers, and who have room in their homes for another cat. Or if you’re an aspiring influencer, and have the time and the talent to show Fluffy as a unique and marvelous cat on your Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, yada.

    So maybe the woman is a cruel monster, or maybe she thought she had few kind options for the cat.

    Anyway I’m very delighted that this cat made a happy landing.

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  6. I know it’s childish & stupid & equally wrong but I just want her thrown in a cage & left in a dark basement in an abandoned building. Maybe she’ll get out, maybe not but, I would really appreciate it if people always dropped trash in the building so no one would think or care to go check it out. Don’t dare leave food or water, she didn’t, so leave her like the trash she is. Seriously, she is just garbage anyway. There’s no excuse for what she did & the way she walked like it was just another regular day, f’ing angers me EXTRA🗑 😡🤬

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