Kitten With No Sex Organs Up For Adoption, Plus: Cat Proves The Dog Is HIS Pet (VIDEO)

We all know what it’s like — you’re trying to get something done when your pet, beloved as he or she is, has decided to be really annoying in insisting on treats.

Finn the cat was in this position recently when his pet, Piper the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, had her eye — or more likely her nose — on a small bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch on the kitchen counter. Piper couldn’t reach the tasty snack, so Finn climbed up, fished out a piece of cereal one at a time and dropped them for his loyal canine companion. (Finn himself had no interest in the sugary cereal, lacking in meat as it is.)

This should settle any remaining questions about where cats and dogs stand relative to each other:

Homeless kitten from UK has rare condition, is neither male nor female

A kitten rescued by a shelter in Warrington, about 20 miles west of Manchester, was originally listed as female and given the name hope. However, during a routine exam, a veterinarian found Hope does not have reproductive organs, according to The Guardian.

“There’s an outside possibility of some ectopic ovarian tissue hiding away internally but we think this is extremely unlikely … This is so rare that there isn’t really a commonly used term for this condition, but it is effectively sexual organ agenesis,” said Fiona Brockbank, senior veterinarian at Cats Protection in Warrington. “While this means we don’t have any previous cases [on which] to base our knowledge of how this will affect Hope in the future, we spent time monitoring this cat to ensure they can urinate and defecate appropriately before they were considered ready for rehoming.”

Hope’s condition is so rare it doesn’t have a name, but shelter manager Beni Benstead told the newspaper that shouldn’t dissuade potential adopters. Hope is very friendly with other cats at the shelter and “has been a delight to care for.”

13 thoughts on “Kitten With No Sex Organs Up For Adoption, Plus: Cat Proves The Dog Is HIS Pet (VIDEO)”

  1. The news about Hope – great name! – is very interesting. Maybe there will be a development in the future? One of my cats grew a set of tiny testicles after she was spayed. So she had to have a neutering surgery, too.

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    1. In a social media post one of the shelter’s staff said they want to keep in contact with Hope’s eventual adopter(s) to learn more as the kitteh grows up. Considering how rare the condition is, that’s a good idea.

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      1. Yes. I just looked closer. Looks like cereal. I don’ t know any cat that would share cat treats with any animal. A cat i catsit for LOVES to go after my vegan beef jerky.

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  2. Oh, I hope she finds a forever home soon. I would take her in an instant but too far to travel and she may outlive us. (We love the oldies as we are nearing 70 ourselves) Best of luck Hope, someone will fall in love with you soon. Xx

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      1. Awww, I hate when that happens & no one really thinks about where their furry kid/s will go in that event. Everyone should have a plan, even if that plan on a sanctuary or a Humane Society kinda place.

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  3. I have hope for Hope. I hope that the kitteth will have no health issues & can get to a forever home very soon. This Hope is extremely cute & has a yummy face. I would love to adopt more but Sir Oreo is on meds 2x a day & prescription foodyz. If I got another there’s no way I’d be able to keep my sweet 20lb man monster beast from eating another’s food. He already cannot be trusted with practically anything. If you turn your head from your plate you’ll find something missing & the flash of a long black arm with a white paw flying past you, out the corner of your eye👁💕Oreo is work but work I love doing. Best to both of you Buddy’s👣🐾🐾

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    1. Oreo’s a big boy! 20 points is two Buddies, give or take depending on how many snacks he’s been eating lately. (Although officially, Buddy is a huge tiger, of course. Ten Pounds of Terror!)

      Do you ever feel bad having one cat? Sometimes I wonder if Buddy’s missing out by not having a buddy of his own. Besides me, of course.

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      1. Sometimes I really do wonder & now because of his circumstances I can’t figure how I’d work out out. Yes he’s really big & not fat. The vet who cares for him says he’s just a big guy & he is at the weight he should be. The fact that he’s now stealing lettuce from my salad let’s me know 2 thing’s. Firstly, he’s a bottomless pit & secondly I can never have another as he would eat everyone’s food. He’s got a narrow urethra which had me scared half to death as I found a murderous amount of blood in his litter box. Turns out a little medicine that relaxes the bladder & softens the urethra & a urinary safe food has ended that ongoing nightmare! Still it will never allow him to have a Buddy 😞 & it makes me sad. He’s just turned 8 last month & he’s got a lot a life ahead of him. So effectively yes I feel badly about him not having another furry person in his life.

        **On a funny side note he loved his med’s, they’re chicken flavored. He’s got a jumbo size litter box so the big guy can turn around. He has a house of a carrier & before any vet visit, this kissing, verbal, cat who walks all over me leaving paw print black & blue marks all over me for love, gets mailed drugs because they’re all scared of him at the vet His alter ego is an angry screaming demon who has tried to take the flesh & eyes out of all who touch him at the vet. He’s quite literally a Oreo Jekyll and Oreo Hyde… It’s bizarre & he’s intimidating at his size**

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