Cat Performs Record 26 Tricks In A Minute

“Hey Bud, c’mere!”

“I’m lounging.”

“Get your lazy ass up and come here!”

“This better be good…”

“Check it out, little dude: This cat performs 26 tricks in 60 seconds.”

“That’s a world record. Whattya think, wanna try to beat it?”


“Aw, come on! You can already do stop, sit, high-five and fist bump. It’ll be fun. You only need to learn 23 more.”

“Sounds like a lot of work. I’m just not that ambitious, Grand Amigo.”

“Seriously? You’re gonna let some Austrian cat claim the title of world’s smartest kitty?”

“I’m sure she needs it. What else is there to do in that backwater country except drink Foster’s and punch kangaroos?”

“Austrian, not Australian.”

“That’s what I said. G’day, matey! Beautiful day to skip uni, how ’bout we throw some shrimp on the barbie and drink our non-alcoholic beer?”

“Austria. It’s a different country, you idiot.”

“Now you’re just trying to confuse me so I’ll agree to learn more tricks. I will not fall for another one of your schemes, human!”

Buddy the Cat

2 thoughts on “Cat Performs Record 26 Tricks In A Minute”

  1. Not impressed. When I was a kid one of our cats would steal things off the kitchen table, like kaiser rolls, and pork chops, and once a tuna sandwich, run upstairs, open one of the closets with the stolen item still in her mouth, and eat it the back of the closet, amidst the stinky shoes and dust bunnies. That’s more of a multi-part trick, but still impressive, I think. Took awhile to get the tuna scent off of my sneakers.

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    1. Not just a multi-part trick, but your cat took the initiative and put on a clinic in improvisation and clandestine yums consumption. Surely she deserved recognition from Guineas: Greatest Tuna Heist or something.

      Reminds me of the time I went on a burger king run late one night and Bud snatched the burger when I got up to get a napkin or a drink or something. Upon returning I followed a trail of literal breadcrumbs leading to his food bowl, where the bun had been discarded and the burger itself wolfed down, ketchup, cheese and all.


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