MeowTalk: Little Buddy’s Rage!

The MeowTalk experiment continues!

Here’s a log of translations from last night:

Buddy's Rage
“It’s on now! Bring it!”

“I’m angry! … It’s on now, bring it! … I am going to fight!”

Thankfully I believe my readers know me well enough at this point to be certain of the truth, which is that I dote on my cat, give him loads of attention when he wants it, leave him alone when he doesn’t, and generally do my best to consider his feelings.

Out of context, though, that screen looks like we were brawling. MeowTalk deserves credit: The app knew Bud was upset. But our “argument” was one we’ve been having nightly the last week or two: An ongoing disagreement over Buddy climbing up to the one of the few places he’s not allowed, for fear of toppling over a 55″ flatscreen.

He’s a swiper (as in one of those cats who swipes everything off of flat surfaces) and he has a long and demonstrable history of destroying items large and small by swiping, knocking or pulling them onto the floor. In fact, you can often tell where he’s been just by looking at all the stuff he’s knocked over.

“Bud, you were on the table again, weren’t you?”

“Nope. I swear!”

“So how did a salt shaker, yesterday’s mail and a pair of keys end up on the floor.”

“Uh, poltergeists?”


Maybe I should call him Newton after his obsession with gravity experiments:

“Professor Budsaac Newton here.

Gravity experiment #4,256: In my 4,255 previous experiments, an item swiped from this table fell immediately to the floor.

Conclusion: More data needed.
Test objects: An iPhone SE and a Google Pixel 4a.
Method: Standard swiping motion.

And we’re going to begin in 3…2…

** Sound of two smartphones smacking the hardwood floor. **

As expected, both devices immediately fell to the floor. We’re going to take a break now until a human places them back on the table. I’d like to repeat my experiment and see the gravitational forces in action from a different angle.”

Otherwise he can go where he wants, lounge where he wants, play wand games with me, watch Outside TV from his perch, play with his toys, nudge me for a snack, smack some bottle caps around. He’s got options.

But since he can’t claim the spot right next to the new 55″ TV, now he has to have it.



10 thoughts on “MeowTalk: Little Buddy’s Rage!”

  1. Are you sure he’s testing gravity? He might be working on his swiping technique, since speed and accuracy require a lot of dexterity. Frank’s too lazy to bother – he just bumps into stuff.
    By the way, they make baby-proofing straps to secure TVs to surfaces, though that might shatter Buddy’s dreams of the “big swipe.”

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    1. Thanks, the baby-proof thing may be the way to go just to ensure nothing happens even if he does get up there while I’m not looking. Aside from the whole potential damage thing, he could seriously hurt himself if he pulls it down. When he was a kitten, he successfully pulled down a mirror that had to be at least five times his weight.

      I think Frank is just being polite.

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    1. Did he swipe when you weren’t around? I know sometimes Bud swipes for attention, but he also seems to just enjoy knocking crap around because he does it when I’m in another room or when I’m asleep as well. Sometimes I wake up and all my stuff — keys, glasses, wallet, smartphone, pens, etc — has been swiped from my desk onto the floor overnight.

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      1. Hmmm… I know he knocked a few things to the ground and broke them when no one was looking. But the defiant, deliberate act of swiping was always when he KNEW someone was there. LOL! For example, I’d be keeping him closed up in my bedroom while someone was downstairs washing the floor or something that we didn’t want him getting in the way of. I’d be on my desk at my computer, and in order to get my attention, he’d start swiping my breakable figurines off the dresser. He knew that would get me to let him out of the bedroom, which is what he wanted. He was the biggest little brat. But what a funny boy he was!

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