Maybe He’s Born With It. Maybe It’s Meowbelline.

NEW YORK — Buddy the Cat will be the new face and official spokesmodel of designer Fursace’s new Covidian Collection, the Italian fashion house announced Wednesday.

In addition, Buddy unveiled brand new photos of his four signature looks in his Buddy: 2020 Look Book.

The rakishly handsome tabby’s famous quartet of looks includes icy Blue Steel, Ferrari (a softer look for catalogues and footwear), fiery Le Tigre and the venerated Magnum, which took years to perfect.

“Buddy. So hot right now. Buddy.” – Jacobim Mugatu, designer

Fans got an intimate look at le Tigre at last year’s Feline Fashion Week in Milan, where Bud modeled Dolce and Gabbana’s Meowgnificent collection. The “really, really ridiculously good-looking” cat has been a fixture on the haute couture scene since 2014 when he was a kitten.

Buddy on the Runway
Buddy the Cat walks the runway ahead of German model Leon Dame during last year’s Fashion Week in Paris.

This year the fabulous felid is expected to take the runway for Fursace’s Covidian Collection, a show that draws inspiration from Victorian-era plague doctor masks, gloves and overcoats to create what designer Gianni Fursace calls “pandemic chic.”

“Fashion cuts to the heart of life’s most essential questions, and this season it’s all about one question in particular: What good is protection from the virus if you don’t look fabulous in the first place?” Fursace asked. “What’s the point of surviving if you’re wearing something you wouldn’t be caught dead in?”

Buddy models a $6,250 mask, part of Fursace’s Covidian Collection.

Jacobim Mugatu — the world-famous fashion designer best known for his Derelicte line of homeless-inspired fashionwear and inventing the piano neck tie — praised Fursace for making Buddy the face of his new campaign.

“Buddy has long been my muse as I strive to create clothes that redefine what it means to be fabulous,” Mugatu said. “Buddy. So hot right now. Buddy.”

Clockwise from top left: Le Tigre, Blue Steel, Ferrari and Magnum. Credit: Versace Covidian Fall Collection

5 thoughts on “Maybe He’s Born With It. Maybe It’s Meowbelline.”

  1. Buddy is feline purrfection in those photos! Abstinence from the Temptations use disorder has really helped his Catnificence! Tux is wondering how he can get a gig like that. Does it interfere in any way with the demanding and complex 20 hr per day beauty sleep schedule?

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  2. Oh Steve. Steve, Steve, my dear friend, I’m recovering fashion addict. My time spent in FA,( fashions anonymous) was long and painfull. I now spend most days in a uniform consisting of scrub pants and white v-neck mens hanes t-shirts for summer. I am struggling with contrary feeling seeing “The Bud” in such commercial garb…did he not resist? Even try maybe to eat the photographer? (Haha..) perhaps I dont see the big picture (pun intended !) is Buddy raising money for cats in need, perhaps?We must remember I am but of simple, stupid, human stock and my vision is not only limited but infected by nature…COVID-19, has nothing on the human race! Anyway, he’s still stunning ! Love you Buddy!

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