How Are These Cats NOT Murdering Their Humans?

This isn’t exactly a new trend, but apparently it’s becoming more popular among people who want to become Instagram-famous.

Apparently they’re called dragon and lion cuts, and they’re available at fine groomers everywhere for people who view their pets as toys.

I showed these to Buddy and wrote down his comments:


Buddy: “What is this? My eyes! The horror!”


Buddy: “The indignity! If you did this to me I’d shred you like taco cheese!”


Buddy: “What am I thinking about? Murder!”


Buddy: “Oh hell no!”

Buddy: “This confirms dogs are dumb and way too trusting. People say cats are paranoid and too high strung, but you’ll never see a cat groomed to look like pixelated Styrofoam.”

7 thoughts on “How Are These Cats NOT Murdering Their Humans?”

  1. OMG I don’t think this is necessary. We used to get my long-haired cat Jelly Bean lion cuts from the groomers but only because he was matted. Cats are cute enough as-is, they don’t need special haircuts, IMO. I agree with Buddy!

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      1. I wouldn’t even dream of it. It’s hard enough trying to trim his claws without looking like a victim of Wolverine, he’d shred me if I tried to dye his fur…then he’d probably poop on my pillow.

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  2. I saw this on FB the other day, and just happened to have Symphony on my lap. He likes to see what I’m looking at, and as the only one of the herd that gets groomed, his horror was evident as he extended all 12 claws of his front feet into my thigh (he’s my polydactyl boy with 6 toes on each paw).

    Needless to say, his thoughts are quite clear and etched into me, in case I forget, lol.

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