Groom Makes His Cat His Best Man

Dear Buddy,

Did you hear about Aaron Benitez, the guy who made his cat, Prince Michael, the best man at his wedding? What do you think of this story?

Curious in Colorado

Prince Michael, who doesn’t rock a tux as well as King Buddy.
The remarkably tolerant bride poses with her new husband and his best man.

Dear Curious,

What a heartwarming story! Mr. Benitez obviously loves “Prince” Michael, and the bride seems pretty chill if she’s cool enough to allow that kind of distraction on her big day.

Do you know who also looks suave in a tuxedo? I’ll give you one guess: His name starts with King and ends with Buddy.

Dapper and devastatingly handsome!

I’ve sent a copy of this story to Big Buddy, telling him to hurry up and get married so I can spend the night dancing with bridesmaids. Best buddy, best man!


2 thoughts on “Groom Makes His Cat His Best Man”

  1. Don’t be surprised when people from tinder start showing up at your door unexpectedly. Just make sure you keep your phone in a safe while you are sleeping. (PS- Buddy looks VERY dapper in his tux)

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