P-22, ‘A Celebration of Life’ To Live Stream On Feb. 4

You don’t often hear about public memorials for cats, let alone thousands of people participating in them, but the fact that tickets were gone for P-22’s “Celebration of Life” within three hours speaks to the special place the mountain lion had in the hearts of Californians.

The famous puma, who was euthanized in December after he was suffering from an infection and was hit by a car, called Los Angeles’ Griffith Park home, and that’s where the celebration will be held at noon Pacific (3 pm Eastern) on Feb. 4. It’ll be held at The Greek, the outdoor amphitheater more commonly associated with rock stars, although one could argue P-22 was a rock star in his own right.

P-22 was the subject of books, movies and music festivals during his 12-year life, and his face adorned t-shirts, murals and street signs asking people to be careful while driving around the Griffith Park area, where the big guy ranged. He was the most famous mountain lion in an ongoing study of his species, and was easily identified by the radio collar around his neck.

P-22’s “origin story” was equally fascinating. Born in southern California in 2010 or 2011, the fearless puma migrated north, crossing several of the busiest and most dangerous highways in the world before he settled in Los Angeles. His nine-mile home range was the smallest ever recorded for a member of his species.

Bookmark this link or this alternate to livestream the event, which is set to include music, performances and remembrances from Los Angelinos and celebrities who loved the “Hollywood Lion.”

Separately, there’s an effort to honor the late puma with postage stamps featuring his famously derpy visage.

Top image credit Miguel Ordeñana/Natural History Museum. Bottom image credit Steve Winter.

Steve Winter’s iconic photo of P-22 prowling in front of the Hollywood sign.

10 thoughts on “P-22, ‘A Celebration of Life’ To Live Stream On Feb. 4”

  1. How absolutely wonderful that P-22 is going to be remembered & honored!
    P-22 was a “ROCK STAR” in his own right….& he sure traversed alot of rocks in his years, hehehe….
    Run free P-22……Thank you for the links Big Buddy!
    🙂 BellaSita Mum (Sherri-Ellen) & ***purrss*** BellaDharma

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    1. Apparently the authorities did not believe there was any malicious or reckless driving involved. P-22 was really sick with an infection and may have stepped in front of the car or perhaps didn’t move and the driver couldn’t stop in time. He was old for his species as well. Of course that doesn’t make it any less tragic, but I’m glad it wasn’t intentional.

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      1. I don’t want to say goodbye to LA Lion or any wild animals. Some people think there are too many cougars or too many wolves or too many coyotes. I think there are too many people. Most of our problems on Planet Earth would be solved or alleviated if half the people population would do everyone a favor and permanently disappear. Sounds really awful but it’s true.

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      2. I have been working on a feature about the Champawat tiger and the situation in modern India. I’ll be talking about that in that story. The current situation makes it impossible for the tigers to avoid people


      3. Tigers are a very different story than mountain lions. Tigers are not shy. I’ve read plenty about humans encountering tigers in India. Usually the humans are lucky to survive. But I also read that the Tiger population is rapidly dwindling in India and also in Nepal.

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