You Can Now Play Stray As Your Own Cat And As Garfield Thanks To Mods

More news in the world of Stray, the play-as-a-cat video game that’s taken the world by storm with rave reviews, plenty of memes and hilarious videos of real cats reacting to their humans playing the game.

Thanks to players who create custom game mods, short for modifications, Stray players can now replace the game’s ginger tabby protagonist with cats of their choosing. Currently there are mods that make the title cat a Siamese, a black cat with yellow eyes, a white cat with heterochromia (different color eyes), a tuxedo and a Calico, among others.

The most popular mod, dubbed Pick of the Litter, features many different coat colors and patterns that users can select and switch between.

There are currently at least two gray tabby mods, but neither of them match Buddy’s chubby incredibly muscular physique.

One modder is taking commissions from gamers and creating custom cat avatars based on photographs, so if a player’s cat has a unique color or pattern — or you just want something more accurate — they have that option. Perhaps we’ll inquire if it’s possible to add huge meowscles as well as edit coat patterns and colors.

Gray tabby mod: Clearly not meowscular enough to be Buddy.

Other mods allow players to substitute a dog as the protagonist (come on, now…), add snazzy spectacles to the kitty, and tweak graphics settings for greater photorealism.

Finally, if you’re a fan of a certain lasagna-loving cartoon cat, you’re in luck: He’s now in the game thanks to the efforts of one dedicated fan, and he’s as lazy and heavy-lidded as he’s always been.

It should be noted that mods are unique to the PC, which is an open platform. If you’re playing the game on a Playstation 4 or 5, you’re out of luck.

Garfield in Stray: Maybe you can feed him lasagna to restore his health?

5 thoughts on “You Can Now Play Stray As Your Own Cat And As Garfield Thanks To Mods”

  1. I think if I were going to play this game (It looks AWESOME!), I’d stick with the original cat. I have an orange and white kitty, a Tuxedo and a black and grey Maine Coon IRL, but I kind of like the look of that orange little dude. He’s proving that orange cats do have more than one braincell!

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  2. Wee herd ’bout this new moddyfication an were reelly happy ’bout it.
    BellaSita Mum meowed if shee played THE game shee cuud use Siamese or Black Cat, butt shee meowed it wuud freek her out if sumthin bad happened to Cyburr version of mee or any of her other catss.
    You make a strong point Big Buddy:: this game iss about Orange Tabby an his adventuress….wee like yore idea. Play as Orange Tabby 1st an then due a Mod cat 2nd time! An Buddy THE Grey Tabby inn Stray iss NOT as musseled an purrportioned like yore hansum self!! sumone dropped THE ball on THAT mod!
    **nose rubss** BellaDharma an (((hugss))) BellaSita Mum

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