Actually, Cats CAN Dance! We Deeply Regret The Error

After I committed the unspeakable crime of posting a story about amazing birds here on Pain In the Bud, Buddy himself took time out of his busy napping and eating schedule to educate me on feline abilities.

Cats can in fact dance, the little guy told me. As evidence, he presented the glorious Youtube rendition of Ievan Polkka, featuring blind Turkish singer Bilal Göregen passionately performing a Finnish folk song while a cat vibes to it in the foreground.

The cat comes in at around the 55 second mark, but you’ll want to watch the whole magnificent video. Thanks, Buddy, for correcting me, and I humbly apologize for ever doubting the many talents of your people.

Image of cat dancing in snow credit Wikimedia Commons

6 thoughts on “Actually, Cats CAN Dance! We Deeply Regret The Error”

    1. Yeah I kinda forgot he’s also quite an accomplished disco dancer and he would have made it to the fourth round of Dancing With The Stars if that Bruno fellow didn’t harbor a grudge against him.


  1. Honestly, you kinda asked for that, Big Buddy. When will you learn that cats can and will do just about anything, provided they feel like it?

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