Titanic With A Cat!?

The last time I saw Titanic was in a movie theater 25 years ago when the film was just released, its theme song was befouling airwaves and its director, James Cameron, was playing at deep sea explorer in the Mariana Trench. (Cameron would return for an expedition more than a decade later, matching the depth of a science team who made the dive decades earlier, but doing it solo. His interest had been sparked by the work he did on Titanic.)

I remember feeling restless as the movie dragged out, then incredulous as women and girls all around me sniffled, dabbed at their eyes with tissues and even sobbed! Teenage Big Buddy could not comprehend it.

But this version of Titanic? It’s more my speed, coming in at an economical 1:07 running time and featuringOwlKitty in place of Kate Winslet:

As you can see, Winslet isn’t entirely gone from this cut. She just plays second fiddle to OwlKitty, Leonardo DiCaprio’s first love.

Who’s the Queen of the World now?

Want more OwlKitty? Check out her star turn in Jurassic Park, where she replaced the T-Rex and rampaged around the doomed island looking got catnip and treats.

5 thoughts on “Titanic With A Cat!?”

  1. Owlkitty rocks! Thanks for pointing us to a great video, the makers did a fantastic job improving on the original.
    Have you considered making a channel for Buddy? The little guy would get lots of fans!
    Can I recommend Cat Pusic? He’s a rescue with a talent for games and costumes.
    Also, for fans of Maine Coone’s and big kitties check out Mr. ViVo’s channel and Felis Gallery.

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    1. Yes, I had an idea to make a parody nature video with David Attenborough-like commentary showing “the elusive gray-furred Buddy in his natural habitat.”

      I learned 1) Shooting in front of green screens is a lot harder than it looks, especially with a cat, 2) It’s very difficult to get Bud to do stuff while also working the camera, and 3) I need a solid plan before I start shooting.

      I ended up with nothing but footage of Bud walking right up to the camera and putting his face in it, and straying away from the green screen.

      It’s definitely humbling and creates a new appreciation for what OwlKitty’s humans are able to do.

      I’ll give those channels you mentioned a look. Cheers

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      1. Buddy has his own ideas about online fame, it seems. Now you have footage for a blooper reel: the challenges of filming a savage beast who doesn’t like being filmed!

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