Why Thank You, Bud!

Buddy may be demanding and parsimonious with praise, out of the firm belief that the service he receives can always be better, but he’s also a loyal little guy:


Those aren’t idle threats, by the way, not from a cat who attacked his own sitter — whom he’s known for his entire life — in a bratty outburst prompted by his disappointment that it was her and not Big Buddy coming through the front door. She’ll still feed him, God bless her, but she will no longer hang out and play with him, and who can blame her? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Why Thank You, Bud!”

  1. Buddy clearly knows his best friend( servant). Bella brings us gifts of dead rodents so I am going to try and encourage her to bring us a mug instead by showing her what Buddy did. Inspirational!

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