Cats: The Not-So-Ultimate Spider Hunters!

As if Australia doesn’t have enough terrifying critters, there’s the Huntsman spider, a big tarantula-looking monstrosity that welcomes itself into houses.

Luke Jones, who uploaded the below video to TikTok, says it’s “not unusual” to see them hanging onto walls or poking out from behind curtains, and they “get into everything, all the linen clothes on the bed.”

In his position I’d get a hermetically sealed chamber to use as my bedroom, but Luke’s got his own solution: Let his cat take care of the problem. In the video, a woman — presumably Luke’s girlfriend or wife — hoists the couple’s pet cat up so kitty can ruthlessly earn his keep as an exterminator half-heartedly paw at the spider:

Cats are famous for “playing” with their prey, so maybe what we’re seeing is an initially curious cat getting a close look at the Huntsman before unleashing a dose of feline whoop-ass.

One thing I know for sure: If I tried to get Buddy to play exterminator with a spider that large he’d go hide underneath a table.

5 thoughts on “Cats: The Not-So-Ultimate Spider Hunters!”

  1. Yeah, that spider’s completely unacceptable. Honestly, I don’t know how people manage to live in Australia. An Australian penfriend once told me he and his wife allowed a big spider to live in their house as a pest exterminator …

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    1. I’ve seen some photos of magnificent jungle-like parks with waterfalls, and obviously the weather is great, but yeah … they have all sorts of weird, venomous creatures and animals who seem to like going into human homes.

      Then again, I’m sure some people see New York and shudder at the photos of the giant rats. Fortunately Buddy and I live in the suburbs north of Manhattan, so Buddy doesn’t have to run screaming from rats.

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    1. Yeah, TikTok is weird like that with embedded links. If it’s not showing up directly in my post (it should), try refreshing the page. If you still can’t get it, it’s the first video on the user’s page. (3 million views, can’t miss it.)

      Apologies for any confusion.


  2. Actually, they have spiders nearly like that one in West Virginia. They’re called “dock spiders.” Dunno why, since the only dock in WV is at Harpers Ferry.

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