Buddy In A Box!

A very special package came in the mail today:

Buddy: The Unboxing
FRAGILE: “Hmmm. Must be Italian.”

Amazon gave me free shipping on my brand new Buddy, which is supposed to be a vast improvement on the original first-generation Buddy. This Buddy is “more delightful than ever,” according to the marketing materials:

“The amazing Buddy 2.0 is 15 percent cuter, 0.003 percent more brave, and is better than ever at impressing your friends with his vast knowledge of poultry and useless trivia! Thanks to our patented Silky Smooth™ technology, your new Buddy’s fur will feel velvety and softer than ever when you pet him! IMPORTANT: Do not feed Temptations to your new Buddy. Doing so will void your product warranty.”

Buddy In A Box
This model must be plugged in 12 to 16 hours a day to recharge. Indicator lights (his eyes) will glow when fully charged.

6 thoughts on “Buddy In A Box!”

  1. We are still on Bella 1.12 but there are Beta testing updates available, but we are not sure as there may be unintended clashes with her existing cat features such as “demanding behaviours” (this feature was not optional) and “rodent killing” albeit we selected the “no thank you” option I think it was loaded anyway…

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    1. Since this is a family-friendly cat site, except for the ongoing jokes about catnip cartels, I’ll be wholesome and say it’s his bottomless pit of a mouth which is always looking for more snacks. 🙂


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