The Very Reverend Buddy: ‘Let Us Pray’

I managed to film a brief clip of Buddy enthusiastically “praying.”

This gesture is also called cat pleading or begging in various corners of the interwebs, but as far as I can tell it really doesn’t have anything to do with asking or pleading. I’ve seen my cat do the same motion while he doesn’t think anyone else is around, while he’s at the window looking at birds, and at other random times.

The gesture is so random that this is the first time I’ve managed to get a decent clip of it. Usually by the time I’ve got my phone pointed at His Grace and begun recording, he’s finished his “prayers.”

I have no clue what it means or why some cats do it. All I know is that it’s a fairly rare thing. Perhaps a cat behaviorist somewhere could offer some insight.

Reverend Bud
“Dear Lord, provide me with turkey.”

Also: Happy Adoptaversary to Holly B, Retro Dee’s cute furball. Holly is named after Buddy Holly, so she’s a little buddy too, and she’s been with Dee for two years now. We wish Holly good health and many more years with her loving human, Dee.

Holly getting some Z’s in a uniquely feline way. Credit: RetroDee

5 thoughts on “The Very Reverend Buddy: ‘Let Us Pray’”

  1. Holly says “Thank Mew” for the pawsome shout out! 🙂 As for the praying, I always thought they would do that when they’re trying to catch something, like maybe a string or a moth… but I have seen cats do it when there’s no string or moth to be found… maybe they are practicing their “grabbing in the air” skills. A lot of the the weird stuff they do usually has to do with hunting! 😀

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    1. Thanks. I didn’t even think of hunting, but that would make a lot more sense than praying or begging.

      Congrats on two years with your feline overlord/overlady. Who knows, maybe tunnel ball will become the preferred sport of cats everywhere!

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