Buddy In Space: Chapter 1: Space-Time for Springers


Prepare yourself for epic journeys, mystery and danger in this newest adventure starring Buddy the Cat!

Capt. Buddy of the USS Delicious was leading a routine mission to the Epsilon Eridani system when his trusty vessel was ambushed by the Evil Time-Lord! With systems going haywire, our brave captain was forced to order an emergency landing on an unknown planet in a mysterious star system.

Now it’s up to Capt. Buddy and his loyal lieutenant, Gummitch the Super Kitten, to lead his team of fearless cats on a search for raw materials to repair the USS Delicious and obtain enough reactor fuel for a return to the stars. It’s an adventure that promises thrills, danger, bizarre aliens and lots of Buddy!

Buddy In Space: Chapter 1 available at newsstands in April 1953 for just 5 cents! This title has not been approved by the Comics Code Authority.

5 thoughts on “Buddy In Space: Chapter 1: Space-Time for Springers”

  1. Gummitch the Super Kitten is marvelous!

    Just in case it came from the mind of Big Buddy, and was not written before he was born as a man (boy), I still think that he should spend his spare time, if any, writing with the purpose of being published.

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    1. Ah, that story was written by a speculative fiction writer named Fritz Leiber in 1958, I believe. I took a science fiction writing class a few years back and because the heating system was broken at the writing center where it was to be held, our first class was at the home of one of the board members. Our host had two huge and very friendly Maine Coons, and we spent our first class talking about SF and hanging out with the cats. Our teacher was a cat guy too, and when he realized pretty much all of us were, he assigned Leiber’s Space-Time for Springers as reading ahead of the next class. (And The Game of Rat and Dragon, which I believe I’ve mentioned on this blog. Cats are the stars of that story.)

      Even though it has a sad ending, Space-Time for Springers is one of my favorite SF short stories and got me interested in that era of SF, from the 40s through the 60s, when most science fiction was serialized in magazines.

      I am working on two stories involving cats. One is science fiction, the other is a potential historical fiction story about the most prolific man-eating tiger in history. Still a lot of research yet to do on that one.

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  2. Buddy – “to infinity and beyond” !! – the fearless universal guardian of the secret of “tasty morsels” and other centuries-old feline knowledge. Bella and I are in awe

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