Cat Unimpressed With Huge Alligator At Its Door

A house cat in Florida looked decidedly unimpressed by a massive alligator that tried to force its way into the cat’s home earlier this month, sitting calmly just a few feet away as the alligator pressed against the front door.

”Hey!” we imagine the cat saying. “This home is taken! This is my house and these are my humans, and if you think you can just break into my territory, you got another thing coming!”


The photo was taken in Sarasota, Florida, where it’s not unusual to see the predatory reptiles waddle their way through developed areas, particularly during storms. In the viral photo — which has been shared more than 104,000 times on Facebook — the alligator’s belly is pressed up against the glass door, which itself is reinforced by wrought iron in a floral motif.

We asked Buddy the Cat whether the sort of bravery exhibited by the Tuxedo in the photo is typical of all felines.

“Ahhhh! What the hell is that?!?” Buddy said, jumping back six feet. “I mean, uh, of course I’m not scared. Us cats eat alligators for breakfast!”

Photo credit Ed Werdell/Facebook.

10 thoughts on “Cat Unimpressed With Huge Alligator At Its Door”

      1. A friend who lived in Florida mentioned that alligators can be dangerous to small animal. I wouldn’t let any pets outside if there was a chance of an encounter. Too dangerous for them and bad for the ‘gators, too.

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      2. Did your friend come from Florida or was s/he a recent arrival? People who come from Florida are usually more laid-back about the chance of a contact with an alligator. And a contact isn’t always planned.
        BTW, alligators usually hunt by submerging themselves where other animals come to drink and they pull them under the water. Floridians know that they will pull a dog in like that.
        On the other hand, it’s true that they do eat small animals. I don’t know why you’d say that the encounter would be bad for both parties: it would be a pretty one-sided issue.
        Another reason to keep your cat indoors at all times. Or use a catio.

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