Buddy The Cat Discovers Terrifying Haunted Room

NEW YORK — Cursing “those infernal humans and their sorcery,” Buddy the Cat tried to fall asleep on Monday night while forgetting the horrors he saw earlier that day.

The normally happy, outgoing cat slipped out of his own apartmental realm as his human was entering it and resumed exploring and charting the strange land outside, known only as The Hallway.

Buddy rounded a corner, exploring further than he’d ever been when he discovered a large room at the intersection of three corridors. The smells were alien to him. Set into the wall was a shiny metal door, wider than the others. A tone chimed and it opened briefly to a small empty room before closing again.

Buddy could hear a deep rumble and feel a trembling beneath his paw pads.

“That’s when the doors opened again, and a tall woman in a blue dress walked out,” Buddy recalled. “The room was conjuring people!”

Portals similar to the haunted room discovered by Buddy near his own realm.

But the foul sorcery that can create a human can also undo one, the cat confirmed gravely.

“The room is hungry and devours as much as it creates,” he said. “I saw humans enter and the next time it opened, they were gone!”

As of press time, the gray tabby cat was brainstorming ideas for luring dogs into the deadly chamber.

Another haunted room used for evil human sorcery.

8 thoughts on “Buddy The Cat Discovers Terrifying Haunted Room”

    1. Maybe that was in my subconscious as I wrote this, because I watched The Shining again about a month or two back to refresh my memory before watching Doctor Sleep, which was so much better than I ever expected. I watched the director’s cut, which was 3 hours long, and every minute of it was awesome. It’s pretty rare these days for a movie to really thrill me, but Doctor Sleep most definitely achieved that goal.


      1. Yes, the movie is iconic and the actual Stanley Hotel really is haunted. It’s a fun day trip, probably will go up there again in the fall. Last time we were there a film crew from one of those haunting shows was there.

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      2. Have you seen Doctor Sleep? I did not realize it was the sequel to The Shining until it was on HBO On Demand. When I saw Mike Flanagan had directed it, I knew I had to watch it. Flanagan is the director behind Netflix’s Haunting of Hill House and great horror movies like Oculus, Hush and Gerald’s Game. Directing a sequel to a Stanley Kubrick film must be one hell of a stressful undertaking, but Flanagan acquitted himself admirably. Rebecca Ferguson, Ewan McGregor and Cliff Curtis were fantastic in their roles as well.


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