BuddyFest 2020: Rules For Meeting Buddy

After our exciting announcement that BuddyFest 2020 will be held here in New York this September, we wanted to post official rules for meeting Buddy so each of you can begin to prepare yourselves.

Meeting and signing pawtographs for all 30,000 expected attendees would be an impossible task for Buddy, which is why only Turkey Club members who purchase the Platinum Package — at the low, low price of $499.95 — will be granted an audience with His Grace.

To help ensure your experience is as smooth as possible, memorize these few important rules about Buddesian etiquette:

  • Do not look His Grace in the eye, unless he favors you with a slow eye-blink. Direct eye contact can be interpreted as aggression. (*)
  • When you’re led into the throne room, take a deep bow to indicate appropriate respect, then step forward and bow again. Wait for the Herald to announce you to His Grace before presenting your petition.
  • At no point must you approach closer than six (6) feet from Buddy’s personage.
  • The proper style of address is “Your Grace.” However, “Your Radiance,” “My King” and “My Liege” are also acceptable.

Platinum Turkey Club members must dress in evening wear if they’ve signed up for the Dinner With Buddy package.

BuddyFest 2020 Orchestral Practice
Buddy conducts the New York Philharmonic as they practice for the upcoming BuddyFest.

The main event of the evening is Buddy: The Experience. In this intimate gathering, 30,00 lucky fans will be treated to two thrilling hours of Buddy on stage with a couch, a bed, a box and a laptop. You’ll be the envy of your friends when you tell them you saw Buddy take a nap in person, or were only 36st rows back when he used his scratcher.

Finally, the audience will be treated to a performance of “Buddy In Concert”! Buddy will lounge on the main stage surrounded by the New York Philharmonic, which will perform orchestral pieces inspired by Buddy, including “Reflections of Handsomeness,” “Eye of the Liger,” “11th Nap,” and crowd favorite “Open The Door Right Meow.”

* Buddy promotions cannot be held liable for any audience member or attendee who is mauled to death for inappropriate eye contact or violations of Buddesian etiquette.

5 thoughts on “BuddyFest 2020: Rules For Meeting Buddy”

  1. Finally! A worthy threat to keep the herd in check!

    Scratching the leather couch (because there’s only 100 or so good scratching alternatives here)? No BuddyFest for you, Mazikene…

    Bite my nose at 3:00am? That’s it – BuddyFest is verboten, Karma,,,

    Lying across my arm while I’m trying to work? Tsk, tsk, Lyric…only good girls get to go to BuddyFest…

    Hogging the pillow and trying to push my head off with all 24 toes? BuddyFest – please cancel Symphony’s attendance ticket…

    Going all godzilla on your herdmates again? It would take a miracle for Miracle to get permission to attend BuddyFest…

    On the plus side, since I knew my herd very well, it’s doubtful that I’ll have to dig up about $2,500 for them to attend 🙂

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    1. lol. Keep ‘em in line! That’s quite the pride of kitties you’ve got there. The nose-biting while you’re asleep sounds like the worst of them though…sleep is sacred. Buddy certainly doesn’t respect it.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. What an opportunity! But with all due respect to his highness, the event fee seems like , well, price gouging! Tux would like to attend but doesn’t hoard turkey, so he is already behind other potential cat-tendees! And Tux wants to know if Buddy will abstain from the ‘nip during this event? He says “just say no Buddy! Your body is a cat-temple!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Of course, meeting His Royal Catness would be priceless! However, Tux’s income modeling feline formalwear has all but dried up due to no one attending the symphony or opera. Tux is offering a genorous supply of dental treats prescribed by his caternarian instead. Just imagine gazing upon His Catness’s countenance and seeing a gleaming white smile!

        Liked by 1 person

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