Do You Let Your Cat Sleep In Your Bed?

Here’s a question for cat servants: Do you “allow” your feline overlord to sleep in your bed?

I was surprised to learn there’s some controversy about this subject, because truthfully I didn’t think we have an option as dedicated cat servants.

The question becomes a little more difficult if your cat wanders outside all day. Outdoor cats can introduce fleas, ticks and dirt to your home and bed. (The Budster is an indoor-only cat, and on PITB we advocate indoor living for the simple reason that domesticated kitties live, on average, a whopping 13 years longer as indoor pets.)

When I adopted Buddy I had a sort of vague plan to restrict him to his own bed and the floor, but I was disabused of that notion in less than an hour after the little dude came striding out of his carrier and began laying claim to everything in his sight like a tiny, furry Genghis Khan.

Buddy didn’t want to use his fluffy new cat bed. He invited himself onto my bed and that was that.

Buddy on a table
“I set the rules here, servant!”

One of the first few nights after I brought him home, I awoke to find him contentedly snoozing with all four paws wrapped around my right arm, holding it tight like a stuffed bear or a security blanket. In the five years since, he’s established a consistent habit: Either he sleeps on top of me or burrowed in next to me.

“Let me in!”

Of course there have been times when I’ve crashed without checking to make sure he’s in the bedroom, or simply didn’t realize he was somewhere else. When that happens, I will be dragged out of bed again by his persistent, insistent, high-decibel meowing and door-scratching. Little dude is not subtle when it comes to letting me know he needs to be let in.

I’ve read about new cat servants who take a new kitten or cat home and lock the little one out of the bedroom at night. That’s not cool, especially with kittens. They’re babies! They need comfort. You’re their replacement for their mom and litter mates. (Just be careful about rolling over.)

If you shoo your kitty off the bed or lock her out of the room at night, you’re not only creating stress for your new family member, you’re missing out on a way to bond.

And if you don’t want your cat directly on your bed, say for allergy reasons, you can find a happy medium: Elevate the cat bed on a table or chair so your cat can snooze next or near to you without sleeping directly on your sheets.

If you’re having a difficult time motivating your feline friend, buy one of those nifty heating pads and watch as your furred one is drawn to it like a heat-seeking missile.

What’s the situation in your house? Do you allow your cats to sleep on your bed?

Buddy Being Handsome
“Being the benevolent overlord that I am, I allow my human to sleep on the bed, and to enjoy the great honor of being my mattress.”

6 thoughts on “Do You Let Your Cat Sleep In Your Bed?”

  1. My late girl Chelsea used to sleep with me but that’s when I slept better (these days I have trouble sleeping) She’d always have to get up for her 3AM water, though. My Holly does not want to sleep with me, nor does she even like going on my bed! Which is more than fine since I think she’d disturb me. She sleeps in her leopard printed cat bed or someplace else in the house!


  2. I don’t let any of our cats sleep with me. My Mom’s 2 cats sleep with her and have since she got them. Since we’ve all moved in together, her cats will sleep on her bed or my husbands (but only when he’s NOT in it!). They’re just too set in their ways to change now.

    I do let my kitty, Mr. Meow Meow onto my bed sometimes though. He has his own special leopard sheet he lays on and he hangs with me while I surf the webs or stream TV. Anywhere else in the house, he won’t sit still for 5 minutes. But put him on my bed and he’s getting petted for a half hour at a time. He really loves that! I’ll keep him on my bed for as long as possible, but when it’s time for me to hit the hay, he gets the boot. I know he doesn’t like it, but there’s not enough room on the bed for both of us to sleep properly. I’m also allergic to him so having him sleeping with me would just be too much.

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    1. Yeah it’s difficult if you have allergies. They want to be near you. There’s just no way I could kick Bud out. He would cry and scratch at the door all night without relenting until I let him in. 🙂


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