The Cat Who Ate The Turkey

Buddy has a new hero.

Heather Ziegler, a columnist for a local newspaper in West Virginia, recalls a Thanksgiving from her teenage years made memorable by her cat helping himself to the turkey:

My mother had taken the huge frozen turkey and placed it on top of the [freezer] to begin the thawing process several days before Thanksgiving. By the grace of God, we all survived this process over the years.

However, this particular year was a first for our family. A day or so before Thanksgiving, my mother went to retrieve the turkey. A scream was heard, peppered with a few harmless curse words. At some point, the family cat had discovered the turkey and had begun to enjoy a pre-Thanksgiving meal. The turkey was ruined and it was too late to thaw another bird.

The story has a happy ending of sorts: Heather’s mom and dad took all twelve (!) of their children out to dinner, where they were joined by their young cousins, whose police officer father had been shot a few days earlier and remained hospitalized. Thanks to the crafty cat, those kids had the comfort of their extended family on a difficult holiday.

Since then, Ziegler writes, The Turkey Incident has become a fondly-remembered bit of family lore.

As regular readers of Pain In The Bud know, turkey is Buddy’s favorite food in the universe.

Why turkey, and why not chicken, beef, salmon, duck or tuna? Who knows? He’s loved it since kittenhood and would eat turkey all the time if he could.

Thankfully he won’t be putting a damper on Thanksgiving: I don’t eat meat, and my aunt hosts Thanksgiving in her house. But maybe it’s time for a special turkey treat for the good boy in the form of Thanksgiving leftovers.

Cat and Turkey!
This silver tabby (not Buddy) can’t wait to get his paws on leftover turkey. Photo credit: Nick Strate

6 thoughts on “The Cat Who Ate The Turkey”

  1. Gosh, but I adore buddy and his spiritual cousins. I love your Collin, and I love the pictures. This one reminds me of the day my tiny kitten stole my enormous steak off my plate, dragging it across the table cloth and making little cougar noises. The state was bigger than he was. Since he had worked so hard, I cut out the piece he had his teeth in and gave it to him. He was content growling and space eating it. He was all heart and not smart, that cat. Hi to Buddy. He sounds delightful. Where cat is, is entertaining chaos.

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  2. OMG! Does this bring back a memory!

    When I was five, we got our first cat, and at Thanksgiving, she was meowing around the kitchen while my mother stuffed the turkey for dinner. I kept begging my mother to give her (the cat) a bit, but she refused.
    She (my mother) put the stuffed turkey into the refrigerator until it was time to roast it, so when she left the kitchen, I opened the refrigerator, picked up the cat, and put her inside with the turkey. (I am not making this up.)
    Hours later, my mother opened the door and screamed when she saw the cat, calmly gnawing away on the bird. She (my mother) was so mad! But she said that all was not lost; the cat had only eaten the turkey’s tail – called, in our Catholic family, the “pope’s nose”(!) We really didn’t eat it much anyway.
    But that story didn’t become much of a family joke. It’s only funny to me. And now, I hope, to you!
    Merry Festivus!

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    1. That would have been heaven for Bud, just him and a turkey. Was the cat cold after all that time in the fridge? Did she want to stay in there with the turkey? 🙂

      Since my family’s usual Christmas gathering has been canceled this year due to COVID, and I am a vegetarian, there will be no leftover turkey to bring home for the little guy. I felt bad so I gave him one of his other favorites: gouda cheese.


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