WANTED: Handy Human for Home Improvement

I need a handy human to come over to Big Buddy’s my apartment when Big Buddy is not here and help me with a little home improvement project.

Specifically I need you to unscrew all the hinge thingies and the hinges too, and take the doors down.

All of them.

Except maybe the one in the front because it keeps unwanted riff raff like dogs out of my house. But most definitely the doors to Big Buddy’s my bedroom and the bathroom need to go. Those are the most important ones.


As payment you can keep the doors you take down, and you can take a selfie with me so you can show all your friends you met the most handsomest and ripped cat in all the realm.

P.S. – I will take TWO selfies with any handy human who can also build me a staircase to the treat cabinet in the kitchen!


Above: What I would like you to do in my house.

6 thoughts on “WANTED: Handy Human for Home Improvement”

    1. The good news: He’s an equal opportunity cuddler. The bad news: He cuddles on his terms only, so you might have to wait until he’s all content and purring. Right before naps is primary Buddy cuddle time.

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  1. Buddy- We sympathize with you! Our human has the audacity to lite us in to the bedroom with treats, then close the door behind him when he leaves! He says it is because we kept trying t0 eat his dinner and that the final straw was when he had to chase me around the house with my mouth full of French fries. We say sharing is caring and he is welcome to eat some of our food! If you find a human to bring the doors down, send him our way!

    Buddha and Foxy

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