If Cats Sounded Like Arnold Schwarzenegger

There’s so much negative and stressful nonsense online that occasionally something will come along and remind us that the internet can also be a platform for fantastic human creativity, silliness and hilarity.

If this isn’t one of those things, I don’t know what is. Some genius dreamed up the idea of cats sounding like Arnold Schwarzenegger instead of the meows we all know and (mostly) love. It’s glorious:

I love every ridiculous second of it, from the Schwarzeneggerian grunts to the insane babbling of the trio of cats watching birds from a windowsill, to the cat who looks at his human and says: “Come on! Come on! Do eeeit! Come on! We’ve got to go!”

It reminds me of comedian Pablo Francisco’s classic bit about Ahnold starring in a movie called “Little Tortilla Boy”:

Can you imagine your own cat(s) making Arnoldesque sounds instead of meowing? 🙂


7 thoughts on “If Cats Sounded Like Arnold Schwarzenegger”

  1. The cat sounds in the first video remind me of crows, especially that last group of cats demanding food. Does that mean that crows are Arnold Schwarzenegger?

    I love “The Little Tortilla Boy.” I hadn’t seen it before.

    And Buddy looks cool af done up like Arnold 👍

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    1. Considering Kindergarten Cop, Twins and Terminator 27, a real version of Little Tortilla Boy doesn’t sound far fetched lol.

      Buddy says thanks, he thinks he looks cool too, because of course he does.

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    1. Sometimes when he tries to “eat” my glasses, I tell him he has to wear them if he wants to chew on them. That usually takes care of the problem.

      He does look sharp in sunglasses though.


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