If Your Cats Aren’t As Brave As Buddy, Keep An Eye On Them This 4th Of July

Here in ‘Merica, more pets go missing on July 4 weekend than at any other time in the year.

While you’re firing up the grill, catching up with friends and having a few beers, your poor cat — or dog — could be suffering from spiking anxiety, especially if you live in a neighborhood like mine where kids are constantly setting off fireworks on the nights leading up to the holiday.

Nationally, animal control departments across the nation report a 30 to 60 percent jump in missing pet reports during the holiday weekend, according to statistics compiled by PetAmberAlert. Private shelters see a similar size uptick in lost cats and dogs who end up in the system. All kinds of cats are at risk for bolting, but Persians, Siamese and domestic shorthairs top the list, according to the lost pet tracking service.

We all know that Buddy is a particularly brave cat who once defeated a fly in single combat, has never lost a duel with a stuffed animal, and has a sterling reputation for facing down even the most terrifying threats. Buddy’s also got an advantage thanks to growing up less than a block from a public park where our town hosts its annual Independence Day fireworks show. The little guy has been hearing — and seeing — fireworks this time of year since he was a kitten, so he just shrugs it off.

If your cat isn’t as incredibly brave as Buddy, however, there are precautions you can take:

  1. Make sure Fluffy has a secure, up-to-date collar and a microchip.
  2. Keep your cat(s) in a closed area of the house or in one room before sundown, and make sure there are no open windows. Places to hide are okay as long as you can keep track of who’s hiding.
  3. Distract, and deaden or mitigate the sound. You can distract your furry friends with toys, a new box to play with or some catnip, which can act like a sedative if your cat eats it. Turn on the stereo and choose something you know has a calming effect on your cat(s).
  4. If your little one is especially anxious or jumpy, consider a pheromone diffuser like Feliway and/or a ThunderShirt. Make sure you get one for cats, not dogs.
  5. Play with your feline friend(s) before sundown to tire them out before fireworks start. Things’ll go a lot easier if your cat lays down for a nap and some relaxing music muffles the booming outside.
  6. Screen videos of Buddy the Cat. His heroic demeanor and cool under pressure will inspire your cat(s) to rise to the occasion.

Good luck!

*Claims about Buddy’s bravery are not to be taken literally. Exceptions to Buddy’s bravery include sudden movements, rustling paper bags, vacuums, truck backup beepers, images of Steven Tyler, certain smartphone ringtones, the Seinfeld theme music, blenders, oscillating fans, oven timer chimes, the Windows 10 error sound, Tic-Tacs rattling, certain types of snoring, and the sound of his own farts. This is not a comprehensive list, and Buddy may be startled and/or terrified by other sensory input.

7 thoughts on “If Your Cats Aren’t As Brave As Buddy, Keep An Eye On Them This 4th Of July”

  1. Mew mew mew Big Buddy yore CLAIMSS at bottom of post are heelareeus!!
    Wee will not meow a werd to Buddy! Wee got yore back!
    Mee two herd firewerkss an so much noise when mee was on THE meen streetss. Mee was so freeked out 1st yeer mee was here…
    There iss Feliway diffusin 24/7 here!
    This iss mee 4th firwerkss livin with BellaSita Mum an mee not even bat an eye!
    Wee lissened to mee fave singer Mistur Wes Nelson an played toyss 😉
    All yore tipss are rite on point fore sure!!!
    May THE 4th bee with Big Buddy an Buddy cat!!!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, officially Buddy is Very Brave and has no fear, certainly not of minimally bothersome noises like fireworks. Unofficially, although he loves meeting new people and he’s very social, he tends to run and hide behind my legs and cry when he gets scared lol.

      Happy 4th to you both!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy 4th, Quilpy! Same to you, I hope you and your cats have a relaxing holiday weekend. I went to a family BBQ but there were at least two dozen people and five dogs, so I had to leave the Buddinese Tiger at home. For the safety of the dogs, of course.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for all of the tips to keep your cat calm on the Fourth of July.

    I just watched a video of the rescue group Hope for Paws in which Eldad had to crawl 100 ft through a sewer in Los Angeles to rescue a kitten that was frightened by fireworks and fell down a sewer grate. Luckily, someone saw him fall and called Hope for Paws for help.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Dear Buddy,
    Thankfully the 4th of July is not a thing in Australia. Milly dreads Christmas and news years eve though! And severe thunder storms. Speaking of which, I have just had to medicate her over the past three days.
    Milly is my super scaredy kitty, but I love her anyway. Thank God for Gabapentin!!

    Liked by 2 people

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