How Do Your Cats ‘Misbehave’?

Cat shaming is back, and it’s better than ever!

Despite the name, people aren’t really shaming their cats so much as they’re celebrating their unpredictable, amusing and, yes, sometimes destructive antics and sharing them with other cat lovers.

“Cat shaming” can include photos of cats with handwritten signs listing their crimes, or it can be as simple as photos of cats in action, doing what they do best. Like this little guy, who is presented with evidence of his malfeasance and responds with a look that says: “Yep. I did that shit!”

Or this cat, who waited until the coast was clear to hop up on the kitchen counter and turn a bowl of rice into an improvised litter box:

“Not a litter box, you say? It is now!”

Then there’s the classic cat-shaming, the handwritten signs confessing things like “I gave all the furniture the distressed look,” or “I folded the carpet over my poop to make a poop sandwich, then sat on it”:



There’s even a variety of cat-shaming calendars:

I don’t have a good cat-shaming photo to hand. I know I’ve got at least one of Bud caught red-handed as he’s scratching the couch, laying there frozen with his paw against the fabric and a “This isn’t what it looks like!” look on his face. It’s likely in the bowels of an old hard drive in a folder of unsorted photos, so I’ll have to do some hunting.

Aside from infrequently scratching the couch (even though he’s got a massive tower scratcher and he uses it all the time), Buddy’s biggest “crime” is his unwavering commitment to swiping every moveable object off of all existing flat surfaces at home.

We’ve reached an uneasy sort of truce in which I don’t hassle him about swiping less important, usually unbreakable stuff — like bottles of water or hand sanitizer — as long as he doesn’t swipe anything fragile. And by fragile, he seems to understand objects made of hard material with a bit of heft to them are not to be swiped. For the most part he gets it.

So, my friends: What about your cats? How do they misbehave?

8 thoughts on “How Do Your Cats ‘Misbehave’?”

  1. Let’s see, one of my cats had a habit of sleeping in my bed, close to my head. She hated any kind of movement though, so when I’d wake she’d hiss and swat me, hard!

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  2. Holly is very good except for when she’s bad. The worst thing she does is eat the palm plant leaves. She won’t listen to “no”. The palm is all chewed up and is doing badly. She also tries to get into the storage space and she shreds anything that’s wrapped in plastic, so if I get clothes in the mail I have to open them immediately so they don’t get shredded along with the wrapping.

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  3. Shima (senior cat) would gobble up leftover kitten food whenever he saw it unattended even though it gave him explosive diarrhea (which he couldn’t care less). Unfortunately for him, the kitten has grown up since. and Shima is now a good boy.

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