Best Buddies: Cat Holds Bowl So His Recovering Friend Can Eat

Moofie the cat, who was just neutered, couldn’t get to his food bowl because of the Elizabethan collar which was placed around his neck to stop him from aggravating the incision.

Cat parent Brianna K. Leroux placed Moofie’s bowl on top of his cat carrier, but that caused another problem: The bowl would fall off the carrier as Moofie ate.

Moofie’s best feline buddy, Simba, came to the rescue. In the video below, you can see Simba holding Moofie’s bowl so the on-the-mend little guy can eat in peace:


2 thoughts on “Best Buddies: Cat Holds Bowl So His Recovering Friend Can Eat”

  1. In the 1970s and 1980s, it was popular for social scientists to believe that “nature was red in tooth and claw,” and the popular book The Territorial Imperative spread this idea.
    No one looked for altruism in nature, because there wasn’t any, right? And if you aren’t looking for something, you aren’t going to find it.
    This video clearly debunks the former narrative.

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    1. There’s that photo from a few years ago showing an orangutan holding his hand out to help a man who had fallen into a river, if memory serves. There’s also a video of a young orangutan doubled over in laughter after someone shows him a magic trick. That stuff, as well as the stories of Chantek (learned to use money) and Fu Manchu (deceived his zookeepers and repeatedly broke out of his enclosure so he could hang out in a favorite tree) make me wonder just how intelligent and similar to humans they are.

      There are stories of altruistic crows, and that famous video of a female leopard who kills a baboon only to realize there’s an infant still clinging to the dead baboon’s fur. Her maternal instincts kick in and she tries to save the baby, although that was a lost cause unless the baby could have been returned to the troop within hours.


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