One thought on “IMG_0811”

  1. Boris the black British shorthair says:

    Buddy, I feel your pain. My hoomans keep givin me chicken which is like an inferior kind of turkey (not that I’ve ever had turkey, because until 8 months ago I was living on the streets but my brother and sister who came to live here 15 months before me, tell me turkey is so much better). But we haven’t had it here yet since I came.

    What I’m trying to say, Buddy, is that the turkey at the Ren festival MAY NOT HAVE EVEN BEEN PROPER TURKEY! I say this because, according to the female hooman (who reads a lot), turkey wasn’t introduced to Europe till 1519, and to England in 1541 whereas Henry VIII (whoever he was) died in 1546 (whenever that was). So they might or might not have had turkey as much as some hoomans do now. If the people who organised the Ren festival were being authentic, they might have used a turkey SUBSTITUTE!

    Just saying.

    I hope that makes you feel a bit better.


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