Can You Spot The Cat?

Here, kitty kitty! Oh where could you be?


Not a challenge? Let’s try this one. Hint: Kitty’s shy:


This cat is well hidden, but she’s like a deer in headlights:


This cute cat is getting ready for an ambush:


Last but definitely not least, if you enjoy a challenge (or just feel like driving yourself crazy), I assure you there is a cat in this photo. Hint: Kitty’s in plain sight, not half-buried in the junk. Good luck!


6 thoughts on “Can You Spot The Cat?”

  1. Is the cat in the junk pile in the upper left corner of the picture, looking like he’s licking his private parts?
    Otherwise, I couldn’t find him.


    1. I’m sorry, I should have mentioned that you can enlarge the photos by right-clicking and selecting “Open image in new tab.” There used to be a way to make the images directly clickable so readers could pull up the high-res version, but that feature is either gone or hidden in the new WordPress updates.

      There are a lot of low-res photos of hidden cats and/or photos where it’s just an ear or a paw visible, and I try to avoid those because it’s unfair, but I will make sure in the future that the resolution is high enough.


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