UPDATE: Kaya The Kitten To Spend Another Week In Shelter’s Care Before Adoption

UPDATE, 12/1: To Rescue says Kaya the kitten is “healing nicely” after surgery on her eyes, but will remain with her foster family for another week before she’s cleared for adoption. Kaya was examined by a veterinarian on Nov. 30 and was given the all-clear. She’ll stay in foster care until she’s finished with her medication.

Original post:

Several readers asked for a follow-up about Kaya the kitten after our earlier post about her.

The shelter To Rescue turned to the internet for help after not a single potential adopter showed interest in Kaya, who has a congenital facial malformation but is otherwise healthy.

Kaya had successful surgery on her eyes on Nov. 16 and has been recovering in her foster home, where she continues to be her natural, playful self, shelter staff say.

She was scheduled for a follow-up vet visit today, Nov. 30. We’ll update as soon as we hear anything else.

If you’re interested in adopting sweet Kaya, you can visit the shelter’s site and fill out an adoption application.

10 thoughts on “UPDATE: Kaya The Kitten To Spend Another Week In Shelter’s Care Before Adoption”

  1. Thanks for the update, it’s great news! Kaya deserves the best home. Maybe she’ll be a “foster failure” and get adopted by the foster


    1. That would be great, as the shelter says she gets along with her foster family’s cats and dogs. I just updated this post. Not a lot of new info, but the vet visit went well and Kaya will need another week to finish her meds before she’s officially up for adoption.

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  2. I hope this adorable kitten finds her a forever home. She is so special and I’d love to know if spreading the word has brought forth adopting inquiries. I wish I lived in Cali. just to rescue her. I am glad her surgery went well.

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    1. I know the shelter has received interest from different parts of the country and even abroad, but I think they’re hoping someone local will adopt her. The original post was shared a few thousand times, so hopefully they get some applications from good local families. Kaya seems to get along well with the cats and dogs in her foster family.

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  3. I thought one of my friends would adopt Kaya, but turns out he’s a flake. He did share her info though.
    Why did her eyes need to have surgery? Was it something to do with her abnormality? I hope they aren’t trying to erase her uniqueness! She is darling!


    1. The shelter didn’t go into specifics, but said it was to ease pain. I guess her abnormality caused pressure on her eyes. I also wonder if this sort of thing is a byproduct of the kind of breeding that produces Persians and other cats with scrunched faces, just like bulldogs and such have sinus problems.

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      1. I saw a post on Facebook last week that explained the surgery was at least in part to keep her eyelashes from rubbing on her eyes; her facial structure apparently pushes the lids too close to her eyeballs. Also saw a comment from the shelter that they’d had more than 200 applications for her! Ours was among them, and we are hoping that maybe we’ll be chosen, since we are less than 50 miles away. Thanks for the update, which renews our hope in the possibility we may become a two-cat household!

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      2. We will be shouting from the rooftops if she gets to come home with us! And yes, updating you as well. I had given up, actually, since we never heard back from the rescue—and then when I saw how many applications had come in, it just didn’t seem too likely. But odds of 1 in 200 or so aren’t THAT bad. And I have a suspicion some of the applicants will be deemed unsuitable because of distance or other reasons, so our chances seemed better and better. It would be great, of course, if she turns out to be a foster “failure.” But if not, we’re ready to open our hearts and home to this darling.


      3. You’re right, there are quite a few comments on Facebook and elsewhere from people who live outside the state and even outside the country who want to adopt Kaya. I’m sure the shelter wants to adopt her to a good local family so they can follow up and provide assistance if little Kaya needs another surgery or procedure in the future.

        They’ve taken such good care of her that I’m sure she’ll end up with a caring family and a nice home.

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