Pro Tip: Don’t Use Your Gun’s Laser Sight To Play With Your Cat

A Wisconsin woman narrowly missed out on a Darwin Award and sent her friend to the hospital with a gunshot wound after she used a pistol’s laser sight to play with her cat — while drunk.

The 19-year-old woman was in her apartment in Kenosha, WI, on Tuesday afternoon with a 21-year-old male friend. The two of them downed some shots in the span of about an hour when the woman had a flash of inspiration and picked up her friend’s handgun, using it as a makeshift laser pointer.

She was waving the gun and encouraging kitty to chase it when she unintentionally fired the weapon, hitting her friend in the thigh, according to the Associated Press. She called 911 while he sought help from a next-door neighbor, who helped him tie off the wound with a tourniquet to slow the bleeding.

Cops and paramedics took the 21-year-old victim to a local hospital. So far authorities haven’t said anything about his condition, but there is one indication he may have not been seriously injured, according to Fox affiliate WITI in Milwaukee:

“[The shooter] provided a statement to police, saying she was handling the gun when it “accidentally went off” and said she apologized to [the victim], who told her ‘it was OK.'”

The cat was not hurt when the gun went off, thankfully, although it’s likely kitty bolted and dived under a bed in record time.

While the accidental shooter and her accidental victim have forgiven each other, both of them are now dealing with legal troubles.

The victim was out on bail pending another case, when he was slapped with nine counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety while armed in June 2020. That charge is a felony carrying a 12-year maximum sentence under Wisconsin state law. According to the bail agreement, he wasn’t supposed to possess or carry weapons, and police said they’re planning to charge him for the bail violation.

The woman was charged with one count of “injury by negligent handling of a dangerous weapon,” a Class I felony in Wisconsin. If she’s convicted, she could face a sentence of up to 3 1/2 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

3 thoughts on “Pro Tip: Don’t Use Your Gun’s Laser Sight To Play With Your Cat”

  1. I worry about the cat’s safety. The person using a gun sight as a toy isn’t exactly a genius; what will happen to the animal if she goes to jail?


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