Despite Snow and Danger, This Buddy Made His Way Home After 2 Weeks

Today we’re bringing you a story about another Buddy the Cat from New York, a well-loved domestic shorthair who went missing before a series of snowstorms walloped the New York City area.

This Buddy belongs to John Forestieri of Southold, NY, a town in Suffolk County, at the easternmost tip of Long Island. Forestieri brought the little guy to Fork Animal Hospital in Southold on Feb. 8 for surgery, but on the way out of the veterinary office something spooked Buddy and he bolted from his carrier.

Forestieri searched for his missing feline friend and enlisted the help of others. The veterinary office wasn’t far from his home at just more than two miles away, but a storm was bearing down on the area and Buddy would have to cross busy roads to make his way back.

“I walked for miles, for days and days and days,” Forestieri told local media. “Then the weather got nasty. I didn’t give up on him, but I did think, ‘I don’t think I can do anything for him now.'”

The New York area was already deep into winter weather after it was blanketed with more than a foot of snow on Feb. 2 in one of the worst winter storms in recent memory. A second snowstorm dumped another half foot of snow on the day Buddy went missing. To make matters worse, New York was caught in the deep chill that enveloped most of the country, knocked out power to millions and set new records for low temperatures.

“At first I was holding out hope that he’d be able to stay warm,” Forestieri said.

The Long Island man was beginning to think the worst when he was awoken by scratching outside his sliding door at 4 a.m. on Wednesday morning.

Forestieri was overjoyed to see his Buddy. The cat, who’s been with the family for 10 years, was skinny and his epic trek had taken a toll on him, but he was otherwise okay. He cried out to Forestieri, and the Long Island man said he cried too — tears of joy at his cat’s safe return.

“I thought I was dreaming,” Forestieri said. “But he did it. He found his way home.”

6 thoughts on “Despite Snow and Danger, This Buddy Made His Way Home After 2 Weeks”

  1. So great he returned home! My cat Jelly Bean was missing for 9 days in extreme HEAT. We were losing hope that he could get water and food out in a rural area when it was 108 degrees. But he survived: a neighbor was feeding him. Cats are truly amazing!

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    1. It really is like a different world for you guys in California. I’d trade our snow for your warm weather in a heartbeat. Dunno if you’ve ever lived in a place like New York, but getting up and having to dig your car out before you can even go anywhere, all while freezing your ass off, really sucks. I’m glad little Jellybean found his way back to you. When did he pass away?


  2. Hurray for Buddy the Wayward Kitty! My friend’s twenty year old cat went for a stroll one night, high on kitty tranquilizers. SIX and one half WEEKS later, he was found. We don’t know he survived two winter storms and marauding packs of coyotes. He was grateful to be home!

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