Cat Guys Get No Respect

Remember the study from this past summer that claimed single men with cats are perceived as “less masculine” and are less likely to score dates than their cat-less counterparts?

Now has some bad news for us as well, saying their internal data shows men who have cats are less attractive to women on the popular online dating platform. From the Wall Street Journal:

‘If you’re a heterosexual man looking for love this Valentine’s Day, here’s something you probably don’t want to do: include a cat in your online dating profile.

“Chicks don’t want a guy with a cat,” said Rachel DeAlto, chief dating expert for Match, an online service that promises to connect compatible romantic partners.’

The data mirrors the data from the earlier Colorado State University study, which showed women photos of men with and without cats. When the authors asked women whether they’d consider dating those men, the female participants said they were less likely to date the cat servants by a margin of about five percent.’s data says men with cats are five percent less likely to receive “likes” than men without cats.

“Men holding cats were viewed as less masculine; more neurotic, agreeable, and open; and less dateable,” said study authors Lori Kogan and Shelly Vosche, who titled their paper “Not the Cat’s Meow? The Impact of Posing With Cats on Female Perceptions of Male Dateability.”

cute cat smelling unrecognizable bearded man on windowsill at home
Photo by Yuliya kota on

That study was limited: The authors worked with about 700 female participants who were all between the ages of 18 and 24. At the time, we speculated that the anti-cat bias would probably be negligible among women in older age brackets, but there were worrying signs, including the idea that men who care for cats aren’t as manly as men who haven’t discovered the joys of hanging with a miniature tiger.

“Women prefer men with ‘good genes,’ often defined as more masculine traits,” they wrote. “Clearly, the presence of a cat diminishes that perception.”

The results, they said, indicate “women are more likely to seek masculinity first, then consider other components of the potential mate.”

The findings were “influenced by” whether the women self-identified “as a dog or a cat person,” although it wasn’t clear just how much that impacted their responses.

Vosche and Kogan speculate “that American culture has distinguished ‘cat men’ as less masculine, perhaps creating a cultural preference for ‘dog men’ among most heterosexual women in the studied age group.”

That study also prompted us to write a fake news post headlined: “Study: Male Actors, Models Are 96% More Handsome When Pictured With Buddy,” alongside the “proof”: A photograph of actor Chris Hemsworth in a fat suit, sans Buddy, and a photo of Hemsworth playing Thor the god of thunder, pictured with Buddy and looking heroic. Haha!

Thor with Buddy
Australian actor Chris Hemsworth photographed WITH Buddy, illustrating a dramatic difference in perceived power, masculinity and handsomeness.

It’s worth pointing out the difference is in perception. There’s nothing to indicate men who care for cats don’t have “good genes” any more than there’s evidence that men without cats have supposedly superior genes. Rather, as the study authors note, the perception is reinforced by cultural biases, at least here in the US.

Likewise, both the Colorado State University study and the data are looking at first impressions based on photographs, which means women are evaluating the men in question based only on limited visual information, to the exclusion of everything else that factors into whether one person views another as attractive.

We don’t know if the same biases hold true in other situations. For example, how would women respond to men who are out and about walking their cats on harnesses? How would they respond to a man who casually mentions he’s got a cat back home?

The Match data also cuts both ways, to the detriment of women. While straight men with cats receive five percent fewer “likes” than other men, straight women with cats suffer an even larger perception penalty, receiving seven percent fewer “likes,” probably due to the “crazy cat lady” stereotype.

Some people think that makes perfect sense:

Screenshot_2021-02-12 The Wall Street Journal(1)

“[T]his goes for both men and women – having a cat often means you’re addicted to caffeine, on SSRI’s [sic], love to binge-watch netflix, zero libido, cry a lot, late night ben and jerry’s pint, etc.,” Mahbod Moghadam wrote in a Feb. 12 Facebook post in response to the WSJ story.

Mahbod Moghadam. I know that name. Where do I know that name from?

Oh, right. He’s the Rap Genius ( lyric site) co-founder who was thoroughly clowned by Sacha Baron Cohen on his Showtime series, Who Is America?

I say “clowned.” Esquire says “humiliated.” In reality, neither word captures Moghadam’s so-cringeworthy-it’s-hard-to-watch appearance on the show. Believing he’s there to be photographed and interviewed by an Italian fashion photographer named Gio Monaldo (Baron-Cohen in disguise), Moghadam is legendarily awful in the segment:

In the middle of the photoshoot, Gio compliments Moghadam repeatedly, calling him cool. He then asks he to “do something like a black guy.” Seemingly without missing a beat, Moghadam makes the Blood sign and mimes shooting a gun at the camera while saying “pop, pop.” Of course a lot of editing goes into Who Is America?‘s segments, but there’s really no excuse for that.

Much like with the Olympios interview, Cohen then persuaded Moghadam to pose with a green screen so he can photoshop the founder feeding starving children. In the middle of the shoot, Gio stops, convincing his muse that he needs to make his penis look bigger. Naturally the only solution to this is to stuff the arm of a babydoll down his pants. Moghadam never seems to protest any of this, not even when an intentionally racist Gio swaps out the white babydoll arm for an African-American one.

I’d link the footage, because there’s no way I can do justice to how awful it is, but miraculously it looks like it’s disappeared. Indeed, Moghadam comes off looking so bad in the segment that it looks like he’s gone to incredible lengths to get every clip of it removed from sites like Youtube and DailyMotion. If that guy is the kind of person who thinks men with cats are less masculine, then we’ve got nothing to worry about.

Screenshot_2021-02-13 Founder Of Rap Genius Mahbod Moghadam Skewered On ‘Who Is America’

Mahbod Moghadam
Mahbod Moghadam on ‘Who Is America?’

10 thoughts on “Cat Guys Get No Respect”

  1. I would definitely take “neurotic, more agreeable, and open.” Of course, I’m an “older woman,” and so I’ve had more than my share of the “manly” types, if that is the same as “very much less than agreeable and reserved to the point of suspiciousness.”
    And since I’m neurotic myself, I kind of like neurotic types. Lots more interesting than the stuffed shirts.

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  2. That’s the beauty of stupidity, it sets itself up. It’s also clear that money is not an immunisation against said stupidity. Cats, however, were worshipped as Gods by the people who, amongst other many other things, built the pyramids. The Pyramids are still with us, as are cats and caffeine, is unlikely to last to the end of the decade, I rest my case.

    Incidentally, Bella is unfazed by masculinity or any gender and is so ‘woke’ that she clearly does not apply labels of such type to any human as long as they feed her…

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    1. I wish I could find that clip. Not only was it brutal, but it was so funny I had to pause it just so I could take a breath. That whole miniseries, Who Is America?, was out of control. Cohen got one Georgia state rep to participate in “anti-terrorist training” and convinced him that he could defeat a terrorist by dropping his pants and rushing at the terrorist while screaming “America!”:

      In another segment he got various politicians and gun rights types to promote a program called Kinderguardians in which children as young as 3 would be trained to defend their classrooms with guns.

      He also got a food critic to eat what he thought was a filet made from the flesh of a Chinese dissident. Insane stuff.

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      1. Baron Cohen is a genius. Have you seen the segment where he uses a pedophile detector on Roy Moore, the disgraceful judge from Alabama? 😀


    2. He was fired from for writing posts sympathetic to Elliot Rodger, the incel who went on a rampage and killed six people back in 2014. His techbro co-founders decided to cut their losses.


  3. I find it hard to imagine that truly discerning women would seek their partners on, but I suppose there’s always another herd of women out there looking for chest-pounding yahoos. And now we know which sort responds to dating surveys.

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  4. Whaaaaaat?? Cat guys are the best! Never, and I mean never-ever trust anyone who dislikes cats (or any other animal). Loving and caring for an animal are positive attributes, only a complete and utter fool would disdain such a partner.

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  5. 1) Who are these “women”? I’m guessing young persons whose characters and personalities have not yet been completely formed. I have noticed, and studies have since confirmed, that young people base more of their assessments of the other sex on visual cues. As you grow older, you learn to appreciate the deeper qualities of the other person.
    2) Young women want men with “masculine” features? Never mind that the cultural concept of “masculinity” crushes men, and, at the same time, makes them more likely to be abusive to be animals and women.
    3) Personally, when I meet a man, one of the first things I ask him is, “Do you like cats?” If I ever invite him to my home, I have to know that he will appreciate my cats.
    4) I have met many men who fit the cultural description of “masculinity” in spades and most of them love cats.
    Maybe those women should grow up.


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