Does Your Cat Like To Teleport?

I was working on a writing project late one night when I got up from my desk, intending to head to the kitchen for a beverage when I almost stumbled over Buddy, who was lounging care free and belly-up in my bedroom doorway.

“Not a good place to lounge, Bud,” I said, stepping over him as he stretched and yawned.

I took another step, looked up…and saw Bud sitting on the dinner table about 12 feet ahead of me, fixing me with his quizzical Buddy Stare. WTF? I thought.


I did a double-take, looking down at the doorway where the little dude had been laying just a second ago, then turned back toward the table. Buddy regarded me, head cocked slightly to one side as his tail gently thumped the table.

For a long second I entertained the possibility that there were two cats, that somehow a gray tabby who looked a lot like Bud had gotten inside, and for some unfathomable reason Buddy was perfectly nonchalant about it.

“No teleporting in the house!” I told him. “It’s rude!”

“Mrrreppp,” Bud replied, hopping down from the table and stepping toward the kitchen.


The story comes to mind because we had another teleporting incident last night, with little man lounging on my bed, then appearing on my desk chair half a second later.

It’s easy to forget how quick and silent cats can be when it suits them, especially since the majority of their time is spent sleeping, eating and lounging. Their little legs can accelerate them to 30 miles per hour, which leaves average humans in the dust and even surpasses the fastest human runners.

Not bad for a species known for its unmatched laziness.

Please share feline teleportation stories if you’ve got ’em. We must further investigate this additional facet of feline weirdness!

7 thoughts on “Does Your Cat Like To Teleport?”

  1. My nephew-cat Odie was a champion at being on the outside of a door as you closed it but miraculously inside the room, sitting and staring at you, when you turned around.

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  2. Yes yes! We swear that there are at least 3 Hollies! I’ll see her in front of me, only to find her behind me mere split nano-seconds later… I don’t know how she does it. My family and I joke that her Superpower is Bi-location. Maybe even Tri-location. I’ve never had a cat be in so many places at once!

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    1. Buddy saw your blog post “Happy Birthday, Buddy!” and got excited, until he realized it isn’t his birthday and he’s not the Buddy in question. Holly seems very talented with her teleportation skills!


  3. Actually, the species and breed that is best known for laziness and speed is the greyhound, which is familiarly known as “the fastest couch potato in the world.”
    When they aren’t running up to 35 mph, they are lying around, dozing off.

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