Buddy Attacks His Cat-Sitter

I’m up in the Catskills this weekend, which means a friend has been looking in on Buddy and feeding him while I’m away.

He knows her and she’s helped me out by cat-sitting in the past, but it didn’t occur to me that it’s been quite a while since the little guy saw her.

Most cats would run and hide if their humans were away and a “stranger” suddenly entered the house. Not Buddy, apparently.

My friend unlocked the door, stepped inside and was greeted by all 10 pounds of the Budster in attack mode. Little man calmed down when he recognized her and realized she was there to feed him.

I’m sure he also gave her an earful, including “Where’s my servant?! This is unacceptable!”


For all our progress in communicating with our pets, learning body language and other non-verbal cues, we humans still don’t have a way to help them understand what a weekend getaway is, or ease their anxiety by reassuring them we will be home in a few days.

I expect I’ll get the cold shoulder when I walk through the door. It’ll last a minute or two until Bud’s resolve breaks down and he celebrates my return by meowing happily and getting his scent all over me.

9 thoughts on “Buddy Attacks His Cat-Sitter”

  1. Hope you got my last comment on the Budster,and post his Temptations fiasco. I Love that clown and you are so blessed to be in his company!

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    1. Thank you, girlkatj. I am very lucky to be the little guy’s human. As for different snacks for him, I’ve been a vegetarian for some 5 years now, so I don’t have meat in the house aside from his food. I’m trying out some moist treats now and I’m gonna check out a few other things suggested by you and others, including freeze dried meat and Greenies.

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