Japanese Real Estate Agency Deals Exclusively In Cat-Friendly Homes

Proving once again that their country is home to some of the most enthusiastic cat-servants, Japan now has a real estate agency that lists only cat-friendly homes and apartments.

Actually, cat-friendly might be an understatement. Nekorepa Real Estate (neko is Japanese for cat) aims to hook people and their furry buddies up with homes built with cats in mind.

What does that mean? Bathrooms that have built-in cat doors, for example, so renters and homeowners can keep litter boxes there, and presumably put a permanent end to the never-ending feline freak-outs when cats are left out while their humans occupy the throne.

Others have custom-built alcoves in less-trafficked areas where litter boxes can be tucked, with ventilation fans built into the spaces. Almost all of them have an array of perches and comfortable cat-size window spots.

A home earns Nekorepa’s official seal of approval if it meets three criteria, Japan Today reports: “[A]bundant natural sunlight (to facilitate cozy cat naps), floors and walls with scratch-resistant surfaces (so your pet can run and play to its heart’s content), and a design that ensures your furry friend can’t slip out of the apartment and get lost while you’re away from home.”

Click on the images below for larger versions. These are some sweet cat digs:

Pretty much every Nekorepa home has built-in feline-friendly features, like easy-to-reach window perches, plus platforms, bridges and walkways for when cats feel like viewing their kingdoms from above.

It’s worth noting that there’s a legitimate need for a service like this in Japan. Space is at a premium, rental prices are sky high, and it’s not easy to find landlords who allow pets. That’s one reason cat cafes were born in Japan and continue to enjoy success — they cater to people who love cats but can’t have them in their homes.

If you’re living in Tokyo you’ll have the most options, but the company says it’s expanding throughout the country. As for the rest of us, let’s hope a few cat-loving real estate agents read this…

5 thoughts on “Japanese Real Estate Agency Deals Exclusively In Cat-Friendly Homes”

  1. This is great! Japan really has the right idea. My house just happens to have a lot of very high beams. The moment Holly moved in, she figured they were all there for her amusement and wasted no time climbing up!

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    1. That’s awesome. I admit I really should have more perches and nooks for my cat. As for Japan, it really is the most cat-friendly country. Cats and feline imagery are ubiquitous there, and cats are considered good luck, which is why there are maneki-neko (beckoning cat) statues in every shop and restaurant. I wrote a story about the origins of maneki-neko and the Tokyo cat shrine. It’s the very first link in this story’s text.


    1. I thought so too. Is this something you think might work in New York? Cats are beloved in Japan, but I don’t think we’re too far behind. It would be interesting to see if anyone tries something similar here.


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