Cat Home Alone Realizes His Humans Are Watching Him On Camera, And He’s NOT Happy About It

The internet has so many cat videos that an episode of Netflix’s Love, Death + Robots imagined future archaeologists poking through the ruins of our civilization and concluding the global communications system was built specifically so people could share images of felines.

But out of the millions that exist, this instantly became one of our favorites thanks to its star, a mischievous cat named Coco, and his unambiguous reaction when he realizes he’s being watched by his humans even when they’re not home.

Coco the cat
As far as Coco’s concerned, toilet paper is for shredding. Credit: Emily Chaplin

Coco “loves opening cabinets and sleeping in them, getting his own food out of the cabinets when it is dinner time and shredding paper towels when he is bored,” according to one of his servants, Emily Chaplin. The little guy was home alone one day and in the kitchen when he opened a cabinet door as usual.

“Excuse me, sir, what are you doing?” Chaplin’s husband asked through the camera’s microphone when he spotted the rascally feline already halfway into the cabinet.

A shocked Coco backed out of the cabinet, turning toward the sound in disbelief.

“Coco, get out of there!” Chaplin’s husband added.

At first it looked like Coco would be obedient, but shortly afterward his face appeared right in front of the camera — looking none too pleased — and he gave it a hard paw-smack, knocking it from its perch and restoring Coco’s privacy from snooping, meddling humans.

β€œHe knocked the camera down! He was upset that we were watching him,” Chaplin told The Dodo. β€œMy husband and I were hysterical [reviewing the footage]!”

10 thoughts on “Cat Home Alone Realizes His Humans Are Watching Him On Camera, And He’s NOT Happy About It”

  1. It’s obvious that Coco desires privacy for all his criminal acts ( which of course are part of being a cat!!). His next move will obviously be to “sweep” the entire house for bugging devices and cameras

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