Cops Need Help Identifying Woman Who Stole Cat

Police are looking for help from the public as they try to identify a delivery driver who stole a Colorado family’s cat.

The woman is a driver for Postmates, an Uber-owned company that delivers food and other items from restaurants and shops that don’t offer their own delivery services.

Footage from a nearby surveillance camera shows the woman pulling up to the Adams County, Colorado home at 10:27 pm on March 9.

She delivers the package, then bends down and picks up the customer’s cat — an 11-month-old ginger tabby named Simba — before taking off in her white SUV.

Simba had a collar but was not microchipped, police say. Unfortunately, the suspect’s license plate number was not visible in the surveillance footage.

Unbelievably, Postmates hasn’t told detectives who the driver is. It wasn’t clear from a tersely-worded police statement whether the company has been uncooperative or it simply doesn’t have information on one of its own contractors. Neither potential explanation looks good for the company.

The Postmates app is also supposed to provide customers with basic information about their delivery drivers. It wasn’t clear why that information was apparently not available.

After police posted their plea for help identifying the alleged cat thief, several users warned of ongoing scams involving people who steal pets and demand ransom.

Simba’s case is also reminiscent of a late 2019 incident near Minneapolis in which a delivery driver stole a much-loved cat from a customer.

A doorbell camera caught the driver touching the cat and picking him up, but the angle obscured the view of the man actually stealing the cat. After months of denying to police and the cat’s owner that he stole the friendly feline, the driver finally confessed in a rambling letter to the cat’s devastated owner, admitting he tossed the cat out of his truck’s window shortly after stealing him. Because of weak animal protection laws that treat pets as property, the driver was charged only with a pair of minor misdemeanors.

In the case of the Postmates driver in Colorado, because they haven’t had any luck finding the driver, nor any identifying information from her employer, police are appealing to the public and hoping someone will recognize the woman.

6I5IUE5OSZA3VO63OVBF32LGP4They’ve released stills from the surveillance footage, as well as this description: “The woman is a Hispanic female with brown hair in a ponytail, a cloth face mask on, a gray long-sleeve shirt, black pants, and black shoes.”

Anyone with information about the woman or Simba’s whereabouts can reach police at 303-288-1535.

7 thoughts on “Cops Need Help Identifying Woman Who Stole Cat”

  1. Thanks for sharing. “Postmates Unlimited Membership” canceled. I don’t hold Postmates responsible for an employee’s despicable act. I hold them responsible for protecting her identity rather than helping Simba’s family to find and bring home their kidnapped companion.

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    1. I thought perhaps someone was posing as the driver, as has happened sometimes with Uber. But if that were the case, the imposter would not have made the delivery, nor would she have known the details of the order. In addition, posing as a driver wouldn’t be a prerequisite for stealing a cat.

      So what then? Could the driver have given Postmates/Uber false information when she signed on as a contractor? Very unlikely, as the companies must run background/license checks on their drivers, a process that was made more stringent years ago when some unsavory types were using Uber to get access to people.

      But the alternative doesn’t make much sense either. Companies like Uber, which owns Postmates, have entire departments dedicated to working with law enforcement. Not only is it bad PR to refuse to honor a law enforcement request for information, but it’s a two-way relationship: The company must maintain cordial relationships with police. And the police can eventually force the company to provide the information, so there’s little incentive not to cooperate.

      So there’s something weird going on here that the police aren’t talking about, for a reason that isn’t immediately clear. Maybe the car was stolen and the cellphone was inside, giving the thief access to the driver’s account. But why make the deliveries? Why risk getting caught?

      Stealing a cat is an impromptu decision, not something she would have planned.

      Can you tell I’ve been watching too much Sherlock lately? 🙂

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      1. Ha! Sherlock is one of my guilty pleasures, too! You have access to more information than I do, since I don’t have a Facebook account and whatever page you’ve linked above isn’t tagged as “public.” The whole scenario is definitely odd. I just hope Simba is returned, safe and sound.

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      2. I called the sheriff’s office today but the PIO was out of the office. I’ll try again on Monday. Interestingly, Postmates is not returning calls about this. A McClatchy report also says the company didn’t respond.

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  2. I don’t understand why the police have only released a single still, rather than the full video footage of the incident. It’s much more likely that someone would recognize the driver if they saw her in motion, and even if the footage doesn’t show the license plate number of the SUV, a full view of the side of it could reveal some identifying information.
    It seems to me that it might not hurt to put a little pressure on Postmates. I’ve sent a comment to their Facebook page reminding them that this story is getting them national attention, which might be bad for business. They probably won’t post it, but if people bomb them with comments, they might notice. Just a thought.

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    1. You’re absolutely right. I remember speaking to a forensic video specialist years ago, and that’s exactly what he said: Even in cases where the footage is blurry and low quality, people can make positive IDs by recognizing gait and style of movement, especially of people they know well.

      There’s gotta be another aspect to this that they’re not talking about for whatever reason. This is just one more in a long list of reasons to keep kitties indoors.

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