Chasing Clicks, News Sites Blame Cat For Woman’s Death

If you’d just skimmed headlines like “Kiss of Death: Elderly Woman Killed By Cat” and “Tragedy as woman is killed by her CAT, as doctors issue a dire warning to pet owners” you’d think a woman was somehow violently killed by an enraged 10-pound cat.

The reality is much less dramatic: A woman’s cat scratched her, then licked the wound.

Through her saliva, the cat named Minty infected the victim with bacterial meningitis, doctors told the New Zealand Herald.

The woman fell into a coma, was found by relatives and brought to Melbourne’s Box Hill Hospital, where medical staff kept her sedated as they tried to treat her. With few options, the family in consultation with the doctors decided to wake her to say goodbye, then placed her back in a coma and withdrew life support.

“Infections related to cat bites and scratches like this person, we’d get at least one a week where somebody comes into the hospital,” Lindsay Grayson, director of infectious diseases at Melbourne’s Austin Health, told the newspaper. “It is very important that if a cat is biting or scratching you, you mention it to your GP.”


The woman was 80 years old, and the story suggests she had a compromised immune system. It didn’t provide any other details about her overall health, existing co-morbidities or whether her cat was allowed outdoors. Outside cats have a greater chance of picking up bacteria that can harm humans, experts say. A separate article mentioned the victim took blood thinners.

Grayson’s warning is simple and spot-on: Take bites and scratches from cats and dogs seriously, get the wounds treated and call your doctor. Something that looks like an inconsequential scratch could prove deadly or cause major health problems.

Cats and dogs live in more than 100 million homes in the US alone and infections are exceedingly rare. Grayson is aware of that, and he’s giving solid preventative health advice to people in the pet-owning demographic.

Unfortunately calm and reasoned doesn’t draw clicks, so the story is propagating via headlines that conjure images of a cat literally murdering its owner.

It should go without saying that the cat didn’t intend to cause any harm and is incapable of understanding what happened. All she knows is that her human is dead, which she’s certainly distraught about, and it sounds like she’s not getting sympathy or affection from her new humans.

“I was in shock for a good couple of weeks,” the woman’s daughter said. “I’ve tried not to hate the cat … but then I was sitting with it trying to be nice and it lashed out at me as well for no reason.”

With all respect to the grieving, there most certainly is a reason. The cat is grieving too, she’s living with new people in a new situation, and she’s almost certainly scared. It’s an unfortunate situation for all involved.

5 thoughts on “Chasing Clicks, News Sites Blame Cat For Woman’s Death”

  1. Those as$#o!€$ should give the cat to a loving home. ” The cat scratched me for no reason” what a moron. Poor moggy. I’d take it if I could.

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  2. I rescued feral cats back in the days when I could, and sometimes I would get a bite.
    I get an infection really easily from cat bites and I ended up in the hospital so many times that the director of Infectious Diseases told me to come in immediately if I ever get a cat bite. He told me not to wait until red streaks were going up my arm. The doctors told me that there are some particularly infectious bacteria in cats’ mouths and you can get infected from them.
    I have gotten bit a few more times, not always from feral cats and I go in to the ER quickly and get the antibiotic that is for multiple-resistant bacteria (the Big One, the name of which escapes me right now).

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    1. They prescribe antibiotics immediately for a cat bite? What about indoor cats? Le Jerk used to bite me quite often as a way of getting what he wanted, but we worked on that a lot and it’s very rare now. Still, every few months he’ll slip up and bite me…


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