‘My Grandfather’s Cat’ Finds Future Homes For Pets of Seniors And The Terminally Ill

Buddy has a dirty little secret: He’s a biter and scratcher.

The little guy has improved dramatically over the past few years and it’s something we actively work on, but he occasionally has his moments when he gets freaked out and indiscriminately lashes out, or gets frustrated and redirects his flood of emotion on the nearest person, which is almost always me.

I love the little dude anyway, I can anticipate his moments of overstimulation or freak-outs, and I know how to calm him down.

But I also know that, if anything were to happen to me and Buddy ended up in the shelter system, he probably wouldn’t make it out. He’s even more likely to lash out in a scary, unfamiliar situation, and cats who bite and scratch are usually deemed unadoptable and put on the express route to the needle.

That’s why I made my relatives promise that, if I get hit by a bus or something, one of them has to adopt Bud, give him a loving home, and treat him as an extension of me.

Not everyone has that luxury, especially the elderly and the terminally ill. That’s why Angela Rafuse, a 27-year-old from Novia Scotia, founded My Grandfather’s Cat.

Rafuse’s grandfather had recently lost his wife of almost 60 years and had his own health problems that demanded urgent attention, but he resisted going to the hospital because he didn’t want to leave his wife’s cat, Mackenzie, alone.

“That cat was all he had left of my grandmother, and he didn’t want Mackenize to end up in a shelter,” Rafuse told People.

Rafuse with Mackenzie. Credit: My Grandfather’s Cat

When her grandfather passed away in 2019, Rafuse adopted Mackenzie. When she posted a video of the quirky cat to TikTok, the resulting discussion in the comments led to the realization that lots of people have been in similar situations, with relatives whose illnesses were compounded by worry about what will happen to their beloved pets when they’re gone.

“We heard stories from people who had to put their grandparents’ pets into shelters after they passed because there wasn’t a family member to adopt them,” Rafuse told blogTO, a local news site focused on Toronto.

My Grandfather’s Cat works “to keep the animal with their human up until the very last day and provide the comfort of knowing a loving family will adopt their pet when the time comes,” according to the non-profit’s site.

Refuse and volunteers work with people who are terminally ill, seniors who are forced to move into housing situations that don’t allow pets and other situations, and helps them find loving homes for their pets. Knowing their cats and dogs will be taken care of after they’re gone grants peace of mind to people who are already dealing with major life changes or their own mortality.

The group relies entirely on donations and doesn’t charge clients or adopters. My Grandfather’s Cat offers its services to all Canadian regions, and Rafuse said she hopes to expand to the US.

“It is the most rewarding thing in the entire world to be doing this,” she said, “and I know my grandfather would be proud.”

6 thoughts on “‘My Grandfather’s Cat’ Finds Future Homes For Pets of Seniors And The Terminally Ill”

  1. This is a wonderful thing! There are many cases where the pet is lucky to be given to a shelter. Most instances I have read, the survivors simply have the beloved pet euthanized the first chance they get. Sometimes the owner hasn’t even passed yet.

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    1. I hope it takes off in the US. They’re doing good work, clearly it’s needed, and it’s probably nudging people to consider that pets also grieve and have a very difficult time adjusting, especially when the deceased is the most important person in the pet’s life.

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  2. Hopefully this group will establish itself in the USA, there’s certainly a need for them. People can contact their lawyers to arrange pet trusts for their animals. I’ve done this, and in exchange for my property a no kill, cage free cat shelter will take my cats in case of death.

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  3. My Holly is the sweetest, friendliest cat in the world. She literally had people on a list who wanted her (we got chosen because we are home a lot and wanted only one cat) BUT this is a great service for less friendly, adoptable cats.

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  4. Hello Bud The Cat 🐈 I appreciate this information, as I too, have no one to look after my Feline Friend, Charlie The Cat 🐈‍⬛ Is there another such organisation that services the U.S.❓ As wonderful as “My Grandfather’s Cat”,is, it is located in Canada, I reside in California.

    I would be very grateful for any assistance from you.

    Thank you 😸

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